The Traveling Sex Game

Romance - Sizzle
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 12/04/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Marta Tandori for Readers' Favorite

Calvin Anthony Lang gives erotica an imaginative spin in The Traveling Sex Game that’ll have readers viewing the luggage carousel at an airport the next time they travel in a whole different light! Cub reporter for a small-town local paper, The Record Searchlight, Calvin Anthony Lang, (“Cal”), hears about The Traveling Sex Game from his friends over dinner one night. One of his friends arranges to have Cal subsequently interview a participant of the Game. The Game is simple: thirteen rules and nine different ribbons. The blue ribbon indicates that you’re playing the Game and the other eight colored ribbons signify your sexual preference. The Game is all nicely wrapped up in a kit which Cal is given. The day after his interview, Cal pitches the story to his editor who gives him one day to find out if the Game is legit. Cal heads to the airport in San Francisco, unaware that he’s about to embark on an epic journey of sexual discovery that takes the pay-it-forward-good-Samaritan concept to a whole new level…

The Traveling Sex Game is indicated as being a work of fiction, yet the author of the book is named as the protagonist of the story, which adds another interesting twist to the plot as a whole. The book is clearly a work of erotica and while there’s plenty of sex throughout the narrative in various manifestations, the story is about more than just the sex. It has a well thought-out premise in the form of a traveling sex game, a Sex Game Kit, available to potential players for purchase for a modest amount through PayPal, as well as a set of rules by which each player must abide. The Traveling Sex Game has imagination and plenty of sexual adventure that will be sure to satisfy lovers of the erotica genre – especially those who are “game” for a great game!