Trail of Defects

Trail of Defects

Cold Springs Mystery

Fiction - Mystery - General
262 Pages
Reviewed on 06/23/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite

When Kelly O’Conner is robbed at gunpoint after his lounge has closed for the night, strange happenings in the small town of Cold Springs, Colorado have just begun. Sheriff Jim Hobson and his deputies are also called in to solve other puzzling events. There is the murder of Caroline Bristol Archer, the daughter who has flown out from Seattle to deal with the neglectful caretaker of her mother, Edna Bristol. This caretaker, Joyce Hunter, and her seemingly troubled adolescent daughter, Tiffany, may present a danger to the recuperating Edna. Then there is the horse missing from his owner’s locked pasture and found in another’s pasture. Add to the list eleven-year-old Angie, who has run away from home. Trail of Defects: A Cold Springs Mystery, written by Sara Caudell, connects these enigmatic events and each mystery is solved, one by one. This modern day mystery contains unpredictable elements, reminiscent of earlier days in the Wild West.

The author has developed an interesting cast of characters, and sometimes it is unclear who is on the right side of the law, and who are the criminals. The reader may suspect someone of devious deeds, only to discover this person has the best of intentions; this keeps the reader engaged throughout the story. Author Sara Caudell has written an enjoyable mystery in Trail of Defects: A Cold Springs Mystery. This is part of a series, and many readers will want to follow the adventures of the citizens of this charming and adventurous, town. This is a fun, entertaining summer read.