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Reviewed on 03/17/2023
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Author Biography

Ruben Huys was born in Belgium in 1991, and has been seeking for a deeper understanding of life since he was a teenager. During a period of self-reflection and introspection in 2020, he started writing down his ideas and experiences. All of his writings reflect a sincere yearning for truth, with the aim to discover a deeper connection within himself, and with other human beings.

By sharing his work, he hopes to take you on a journey of introspection, self-discovery and spiritual growth.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

Truth is an introspective poetry collection by Ruben Huys. Through this mesmerizing collection of poems and writings, Huys covers various aspects of life that make it meaningful and worth living. Whereas poems like "Routine" touch on the seemingly mechanical patterns in which people sometimes find themselves, others such as "Words" shed light on the power of words and how they can be used to hide the truth in plain sight. In "Mirror," the narrator ponders over a reflection of the self, contemplating how some things in life remain unchanged. The poem "Countries" speaks about nationalism and how it is used as a tool to divide, whereas humanity shares a common bond through love. "Perfectionist" emphasizes the importance of letting go and working with love to derive maximum satisfaction from life.

Ruben Huys incorporates themes of love, regret, faith, anger, and a myriad of other aspects encompassing life in this beautiful poetry collection, perfectly complemented by pieces that force you to introspect. Truth lives up to its name, as Huys offers readers some deep and thought-provoking insights into life that are bound to resonate with any poetry lover. Using cleverly crafted stanzas consisting of both rhyming and non-rhyming verses, with a free-flowing structure depending on the poem, Huys creates a narrative with layers of depth and rich in emotional resonance. Each poem feels inspired and makes observations on the unpredictability of life. I had a wonderful time reading the book, and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys poetry.

Courtnee Turner Hoyle

Truth is a book of poetry, writings, and quotes by Ruben Huys. It contains verses and observations with titles that reflect the theme of the work. Some topics include self-discovery, love, doubts, growth, and the laws of man. It includes an introduction to Huys and his reason for penning the material, and it closes with contents and a document outline that allows you to flip back to the poems that were the most significant to you.

It’s impossible to read Truth without finding at least one richly detailed poem that defines you or helps you see a troubling issue in a new way! We quickly understand that Ruben Huys wishes to gain truth and his words reflect his deepest feelings and insights. His perceptions are written in his poetry, but can also be found in his perspective pieces, where he describes his observations, and speaks to us with wisdom. Huys' poetry is strongly emotional but thought-provoking and I found a deep connection with him as I read his work. The depth of this collection will resonate with and inspire you long after you read the final page. I was blown away by his observational pieces and I connected with them the most. They reflect his emotional maturity and sage understanding of the world around him. Truth is recommended for those ready to grow and understand themselves better while on a soul-searching journey.

Kayleigh Perumal

Truth by Ruben Huys is a collection of poems, quotes, and short prose pieces which focus on truth, spirituality, and the self. It is rooted in Huys’ own experiences and personal revelations. He hopes to inspire and examine notions of truth and spirituality by sharing these ideas with others. His exploration of connecting with a higher power, or God, encourages us to think about our purpose and where it comes from. Huys also covers a variety of themes, including perceptions about accepting oneself, regulating our head and heart, anxiety, creativity, imposter syndrome, nature, conflict, wealth, and many others.

I particularly enjoyed when Huys expanded on the challenges of self-worth and the direction one faces in a professional capacity. He challenges us to ask ourselves what sparks the light in our soul and how we can know it, together with the complexities of self-doubt as discussed in Home. I appreciated the motivational and practical notes he shares on how to navigate them by having faith and confidence in oneself. Huys’ writing is easy to digest and relatable as he uses clear and concise language. He encourages us to think about the world and to question what is most important to us and where we are going. His use of different writing mediums also provides variation, marking an interesting deviation from conventional anthologies. In essence, Truth is a short, poignant, thought-provoking collection that leaves a lasting impression.

Dr. Jordan Alexander

Truth by Ruben Huys intentionally takes us on a journey of introspection, self-discovery, and spiritual growth. I appreciated the contrasts in style and length of writing and loved how the collection weaves poems with short writing pieces and quotes. Two favorite concepts of mine are that entertainment is temporary and inspiration is infinite and the second I try to impress you is the moment I lose myself. This Belgian-born writer conveys his yearning to understand his truth through the ideas and experiences of years of self-reflection. His struggles sift through what is authentic and what is artificially created and lead him to choose simplicity and calm within. He writes: “I wish I could as well / like a mountain / just be.” A recurring theme is the struggle of mind versus heart that many encounter on the path to self-awareness. He says: “I love my heart / sincerely / much more than my mind,” as he captures his preference. Huys superbly tackles the dilemma in various poems where his heart wants him to write, be silent, love, and enjoy. Meanwhile, his mind wants him to doubt and shout, take and hate. The true art of life and the only route home Huys often encourages is: “to be who you are / that is the work / to reach for the stars.”

Truth by Ruben Huys displays his humility and earnest desire to share and help others on their path. He asks us to dive deep into our souls, starting by looking into the mirror and being honest and sincere. His lessons come with a hint of faith and more of a sense than a hammer as we see how a higher power guides and shows us the light and the need to rise above. Surrender plays a part in the path, like removing training that creates mental barriers and modern-day slavery. I enjoyed the poem Where Art Thou? which playfully goads art, searching where to find it. Ultimately, like most gifts in Truth, it resides inside us. Along with other human needs, art must overcome sins of lust, power, and greed to fully surface. Truth is a collection that spreads awareness and acts as a call to action. It is ideal for soul searchers, freedom seekers, inspired youth, and true believers. Huys writes that we must water the seeds for new trees to grow. We are the seeds watered and nourished with Huys's inspiration to be whole and authentic. After all, deep down, don't we all yearn for truth?

Tommy Wong

Truth by Ruben Huys is a very interesting book. Ruben Huys has spent time contemplating various aspects of life and then come up with these truths. Thereafter, he was able to use poems skillfully to express these truths. Poetry is a powerful way to share messages because the author has to make the poem rhyme and ensure the length of the lines and the feeling behind each word fit in with the whole poem. As such, poems may convey deeper messages. In Truth, Ruben Huys has used poems successfully. In addition to poems, some of the messages in Truth are expressed in short paragraphs. This variation in expression gives nice intermittent breaks among the poems.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of the truths in life are expressed in easy-to-read poems and short paragraphs? Indeed, this is what Ruben Huys has done in Truth. The topics covered in this second edition of Truth are truly extensive. It includes the expected topics like forgiveness, freedom, and love. In addition, it also includes the maybe not anticipated topics like don’t think, ghostwriter, and rhyme. This extensive coverage stretches readers’ minds and I loved it. I also found some of the really short poems appealing, like Nothing Else which only has three lines. And then there is the splendid combination of poems and short paragraphs, like the poem Simple, and the short paragraphs explaining Simplicity. These short paragraph explanations can be insightful, like the one on money. All in all, for truth seekers, Truth is worth a read.


5.0 out of 5 stars: Simple and yet very deep

Reviewed in the Netherlands