Welcome to the Revolution

A Field Guide For New Believers

Christian - Devotion/Study
192 Pages
Reviewed on 03/22/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

A Beginning Christian can find their new life confusing. They are not sure what they are supposed to believe or how they are supposed to act. Too many Beginning Christians are afraid they will lose their freedom.

Brian Tome realized that there were no books to meet the needs of Beginning Christians. He wrote Welcome to the Revolution to meet that need, for in his own words the Christian life is one of Revolution.

What we call freedom is many times bondage. Freedom to make our own choices, freedom to smoke what we want, drink what we want, and spend what we want can put us in bondage to addiction, illness, and debts. Our freedom comes only when we fully submit our will to the Lord. We can try choosing things we will do for him by praying: I will give, I will serve, I will…..etc., but what we should be saying is I will submit. Tome writes in a simple, easy-to-understand style. Welcome to the Revolution would make a great gift for any “new Christian.”


OK, so first of all, let me admit that I might be a tiny bit biased, given the fact that I've been attending Brian's church for almost 10 years now. So obviously, I have a lot of respect for Brian Tome and what he has to say.

Most of the ideas compiled in this book are messages (aka sermons) that have been given from the main stage at our church, but that only enhances the value of this book.

Brian once said something that made a big impression on me:

"God is not boring. In fact, I believe that it is a SIN to make God boring."

Brian Tome can be irreverent, shocking, and even juvenile sometimes, but you can believe me when I say that he is NEVER boring!

C. Hogue

I first too must confess that I belong to Crossroads in Cincinnati. Brian is my pastor. He is also the first pastor in my 30 something years to be able to convey to me what it looks like to follow Christ. Prior to stepping into Crossroads (actually being nagged by a friend to try it out for months before I finally gave in because I don't "do church")I have never been shown by a pastor, preacher, father, minister, etc how to live the life God has planned for me. Prior to coming to Crossroads I never had an "A-ha" moment in any format of church, faith, belief, religion, etc. Brian has a way, which he has so plainly and realistically exemplified throughout this book, of being straight up on what the bible teaches us that God has for us if only we will receive His love that He patiently waits for us to receive. This book is an exceptionally easy read that put me into laughter, tears, and most importantly deep thought. It is a true guide for anyone, such as myself, seeking God and trying to get past the "religion" boundaries that many people believe is a true guide to God's plan. All of my life I felt like I had to be a certain way, say certain things in order for God to hear my prayers. I am learning this is not true. Tonight I brought a friend to Crossroads with me for her first service. When we got home I handed her my copy of this book. I am confident it will guide her where she needs to be in her search for God. Maybe one day she will pay it forward as well....I would give this book 50 stars if I could, but it only goes up to 5. Highly recommended read.

John Hurd

This book was great. I kept thinking to myself as I read it, wow, I wish I would have had this when I first was exploring / coming to know God. It is straight-forward, aside from some welcomed humor, that breaks down many preconceived notions and perceptions of Christianity. What it does fabulously is help separate religion from Christianity and how God relates to all. Well done Mr. Tome. I highly recommend this book!


Tome's book is an excellent resource for new Christians. It gives you ideas not rules...using stories that relate real life not some "perfect" Christian life.

The book is well laid out and written in an easy to read style. I loved the real life examples illustrating someone's individual journey. They gave me ideas about how those things might apply to me.

Great book.


This is a great book for new and "experienced" Christians. Easy application on how to live a purposeful life. It'll motivate you, make you laugh and make you want to be a better you. Highly recommend.

S. Warn

This book is truly amazing. It is well put together and leads you along without being confusing. Orderly is what I'm talking about...

Shawna M. Burns

I have just started to read this book. Easy read, thoughtful. A good read for the non beliver to the beliver. Brian is a funny guy.

Fred Liggin

It is obvious that this book is informed by a high view of Scripture while speaking in a concise yet comprehensive language accessible to the reader who has never heard a sermon or is unfamiliar with "church language" and bible-terms. It is effective and honest while maintaining a deep respect for GOD, His mission and His church. Even if you are a long time Christ-follower, this book can revitalize your faith by broadening your christian vocabulary in such a way that it enables your communication of the christian faith to be heard in a modern context while not compromising biblical truth. Brian is a very talented writer who keeps the reader interested and engages he/she in a conversational way. For years I have searched a book to give a new believer in Christ that made very little presuppositions about the religious experience and biblical familiarity of the new believer. Now I have found it. Accessible, relevant and uncompromising.

D. Schutte

This is a wonderful, fun book for a new believer. It makes Christianity seem like something real and human. It's not at all stuffy and Brian Tome has a way with words that will make you feel like you are on your way to Heaven. You just need to "love" on everyone.


Awesome book. I've listened to Brian Tome at church for about 10 years and the book is right on and speaks directly to you. Recommend it to anyone who is still searching or who already connects with God.