What You Don't Hear

Young Adult - Thriller
431 Pages
Reviewed on 07/19/2022
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Author Biography

Since reading the Harry Potter books when I was 8 years old, I have now read 130+ books.
I transferred my love of reading to writing at the age of 13 when I published a 16,000 word novel. Since then I have written four other novels, the last one, "What You Don't Hear", having around 120,000 words.
In July 2021 I published my fifth book, a motivational guide based in the Law of Attraction. I achieved a #6 and #8 Ranking in Amazon categories Motivational and Self-Esteem between July 22th and 24th with readers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States that covered many countries where Amazon.com is not in such as South America in Argentina, Chile and Colombia.
I have participated as a coauthor on three other books that belong to members of my family, and I was also designer and editor of a coffee table book, 380 pages, about luxury handmade women shoes.
For 4+ years I have uploaded handmade designs and photographs on products using Redbubble and Threadless, and have had many sales with 40+ customers worldwide.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Alma Boucher for Readers' Favorite

In What You Don’t Hear by Camila Tacchi and Isabel Loaldi, Julia’s sister was born with a terminal illness, and after she passed Julia moved to New York. She is deaf and James, her upstairs neighbor, asks her to teach him to sign for her. One night her downstairs neighbor found his fiancée brutally murdered after coming home from work. Everyone suspects Nathaniel to be the killer, but Julia remembers that, when seeing them, they always looked in love and happy. Julia feels that if she was not deaf, she could have heard her sister and Madison calling for help, and maybe saved them. When Julia walks into her apartment, she immediately notices that someone had been there; however, nothing is missing. Is Julia, the killer's next victim, and will they find the killer in time?

What You Don’t Hear by Camila Tacchi and Isabel Loaldi is suspenseful and fast-paced with a thrilling plot. The story was unpredictable, and I was intrigued by the events. The characters were well developed, and they were skillfully handled. The story was very interesting and well written. I liked that the authors separated the sign language and the written dialogue from the other dialogues. It made the fact that Julia was deaf more realistic. The events unfolded genuinely and naturally. There was never a dull moment and I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning. I could not wait to find out what will happen next, especially who the killer is. It was hard to put the book down, even for a minute. I was surprised by the end. It was excellent and I did not expect it at all.

Sherri Fulmer Moorer

Julia thought she had left all of her problems behind when she moved to New York. The difficulties of her teen years left a scar on her home that she could no longer bear, so she moved across the country to follow the dream of a loved one who she wasn’t ready to let go of. The new setting and comfortable routine give her the stability to start her adult life until her neighbor is brutally murdered. Suddenly, the memories come back, and she wonders if there’s more she could have done to help her neighbor. As the investigation unfolds, she suspects that somebody is following her, causing more anxiety. Is she next on the killer’s list? Find out in What You Don’t Hear by Camila Tacchi.

I enjoyed What You Don’t Hear because Julia is a realistic protagonist who deals with problems that most of us have faced during the last two turbulent years. Readers can relate to the traumas that have shaped Julia’s life and understand her overwhelming desire to wipe the slate clean and start over. Camila Tacchi has written a masterful tale that shows that you can’t run away from your problems, and that true healing comes from within. The mystery is not only a suspenseful element in Julia’s new life, but it also motivates her to look within to find the healing that will allow her to survive and move on. This is an excellent young adult thriller for those who crave a good mystery with multiple layers, interesting characters, and excellent themes.

Anelynde Smit

What You Don’t Hear by Camila Tacchi is a thriller unlike any other you will ever read. Our protagonist Julia is living in New York, has a good job, and is trying her best to move on from her tragic past. Her world is rocked by the violent death and mutilation of her neighbor Madison. Everyone suspects it to be Nathaniel, the boyfriend, but he is soon to be released. Julia is questioned by the police but we soon realize why she heard nothing. Not because she didn’t want to, but because she couldn’t. Julia is deaf. With Nathaniel released, she fears for her life. Her only hope lies with two people, her upstairs neighbor James and her close friend and co-worker Lilah. With Nathaniel’s return to the crime scene, Julia is beside herself with worry. However, it’s not until a break-in at her apartment that she truly feels unsafe. This is when wheels are set in motion. Can she trust anyone anymore? Will the killer strike again? Is Julia in danger and are her fears grounded in reality?

What You Don’t Hear by Camila Tacchi is a fascinating page-turner. You find yourself lost in Julia’s world. Her lack of hearing is so evident in the notes and signs and you almost relate to her more because of it. The world around her is painted in vivid detail. Even the winter weather is so clear that you can feel the cold air blowing in your face. The fact that the lead character is deaf gave the story a very original spin. Her broken relationships and her desperate need for routine is something you can relate to. Her fierce independence was almost destroyed by the murder of Madison. This book will keep you guessing until you think you have it figured out and then the ending will surprise you. I highly recommend this book to thriller lovers.

Paula García Lasa

New York is once again the scene of a crime, and Camila Tacchi is the puppeteer. In her novel What You Don't Hear, we follow Julia, a girl who is new to the city. She moved from California to escape the memory of someone she wanted to hold onto. Ironically, she is following that person's dream in the process. She hopes that her new routine can make everything a little bit easier. However, that sense of security vanishes with the murder of her downstairs neighbor. The incident seemed to be isolated, but the prime suspect was released. Not only that, but break-ins occur in her apartment building. Is she going to be the next one?

Camila Tacchi truly understands what a mystery should embrace. What You Don't Hear carefully unravels the crime it has thrown at you in the first place. The pace is slow in the beginning so as not to overwhelm, but quick enough to maintain your interest. I have read a few books that master the dramatic principle of Chekhov's gun and this novel is one of them. It carefully displays all the unconnected details and only after the final revelation are readers able to connect them. Tacchi tells (or more accurately shows) the story from an unusual perspective. Julia is the main character every mystery protagonist should personify - strong and emotional. She is willing to do what it takes but lacks the god complex that makes many characters in mystery novels insufferable. This is the perfect choice for those who enjoy this genre. I can only suggest that you read it and expect the unexpected.

K.C. Finn

What You Don't Hear is a work of fiction in the thriller, mystery, and suspense subgenres. It is intended for the general reading audience and was penned by author Camila Tacchi with editor Isabel Loaldi. In this thrilling psychological work, we see the plot unveiled from the unique perspective of a deaf person, and also find ourselves embroiled in a dangerous murder scene when New York newcomer Julia discovers that her downstairs neighbor has been brutally killed. What follows is a heartfelt tale of a woman trying to move on from the darkness in her life and the realization that darkness will continue to follow you until you face up to it.

Young adult readers in particular are highly likely to enjoy this intriguing thriller novel, not least because it was penned by a writer of their own age. Author Camila Tacchi has a flair for fiction beyond her years, and although the text could be smoothed out and naturalized a little more for an English language novel, the quality of the character development and storytelling more than makes up for the odd language error. Julia is a highly relatable woman with many struggles and psychological demons, all of which are suitably explored with great emotional intelligence. I also really enjoyed the unique premise of how intrinsic hearing usually is in how we perceive the world. It’s amazing to read a story where that privilege is suddenly taken from us. I certainly learned something new from that. Overall, I would definitely recommend What You Don't Hear for mystery and thriller fans everywhere.