Where Did The Prophets Go?

Proof That Prophets Exist Today

Christian - Devotion/Study
88 Pages
Reviewed on 05/20/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Where Did The Prophets Go? is well written in an easy-to-read style.  
James Noll offers proof that prophets still exist.  He uses scripture
to back up his thesis.  Noll reaches back into the history of the
Hebrews and shares the life of the prophets.  It is obvious that Noll
has well researched his topic.  He includes his own witness.
I was especially interested in the discussion of the 5-fold Ministry.  
He lists each ?office? and describes the ?job? of the office.  There
is a list of prophets in chapter IX.  I looked up several of their
websites and the churches they are affiliated with.   I was curious as
to the denomination of the author.  I believe it to be the Church of
God; however, I am not sure.

Where Did The Prophets God? is an interesting look at the prophets of
the past and of current day.  The purpose of this book is to educate
Christians about prophets.

Gloria Rowe

James Noll's 'Where Did the Prophets Go?' is written in a straight forward style. It includes scriptural proof texts and sound reasoning. It is a no nonsense treatise on the very existance of prophets in our present world. Does it answer the question? Absolutely.

As an aside, Noll starts his book with a wonderful chapter on the 'intertestamental period' and he manages to clarify for the reader what is one of the least known aspects of the history of the Jewish people and the Church. It is a brief but panoramic view of that period succinctly written and valuable for any student of history and the Bible.

It is the turbulent times we live in today that gives Noll's book its importance. People are looking for sound advice and direction. They are not sure who is just babbling and who is speaking with authority. The penchant to know the future or just to know is strongest in troubled times. Americans have resorted to psycics, soothsayers and charlatans to their own hurt. If they knew how to recognize God's legitimate and called prophets this could all be avoided. This is the heart of Noll's message.

Very few in the church can explain the difference between the 'gift of prophecy' and 'the office of the prophet,' Noll explains this difference in detail. This alone is worth the price of the book.

The bottom line Noll points out is that there are still prophets in our world today. They have not left the scene and now more than any other time in history it behooves us to discern, discover and decide who these prophets are.

All around good stuff.