Children - Coming of Age


A Werewolf Mystery
By B.S. Gibbs

Hunted: A Werewolf Mystery is a shifter fantasy novel for preteens and young adults written by B.S. Gibbs. Jason just knew his fourteen-year-old older sister had to be a werewolf. He had never seen her actually change into one, but her increasingly odd behavior continued...

Here Comes Bobo and Scooter

The Adventures of Bobo Book 2
By James Gordon

It can be hard being a kid, especially for one in elementary school. In Here Comes Bobo and Scooter (The Adventures of Bobo Book 2) by James Gordon, Bobo got the chance to experience growing up first hand by dealing with bullying, rejection and getting...

Hopping to America

A Rabbit's Tale of Immigration
By Diana Pishner Walker

Hopping to America: A Rabbit's Tale of Immigration by Diana Pishner Walker is the tale of a rabbit family that immigrates from Italy to the United States. They find things difficult at first, like speaking the language, and of course missing their native country. They...

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