Destiny's Dream

By Delia Latham

Destiny’s Dream by Delia Latham is the first book in her new Series, Solomon’s Gate. It is a book filled with romance, humor and a touch of suspense. Destiny quit her job and spent the last five years taking care of her mother. Now that...

Deadly Ties

A Novel (Crossroads Crisis Center)
By Vicki Hinze

Lisa Harper has lived separately from her mother Annie for years. Not because they wanted to; they had no choice. Annie signed custody of Lisa over to someone else to protect her from Dutch Hauk, Annie's controlling, abusive second husband. Lisa has worked hard to become...

Dem Church Folk

By Marion W. McKenney

Dem Church Folk is a humorous look at churches. Bubba Lee grew up in a small southern church. He and his family wold spend all day at church on Sundays. It was a Pentecostal church and when the Spirit moved the congregation would jump, shout,...