Heart of Diamonds

A Novel of Scandal, Love and Death in the Congo
By Dave Donelson

Dave Donelson brings his expertise as a journalist to his first novel, Heart of Diamonds. Donelson takes readers deep into the heart of government corruption. Journalist Valerie Grey discovers a link between a televangelist, the White House, and the President of Congo in a diamond...

Heavenly Humor for the Woman's Soul

By Compiled

For years, doctors have purported that laughter was good for us. It helps to lift our mood. In general, laughter makes us feel better. We all have days when we want to go to bed and pull the covers over our head and hide from the...

Healing Waters

By Nancy Rue & Stephen Arterburn

Healing Waters is the fictional story of two sisters, Lucia and Sonia. Lucia lacks self-confidence and sees herself as fat and inferior. She has lived her life waiting on others. Sonia, the beautiful younger sister, is the spokes person for a Christian organization that spread...