Fiction - Cultural

The White Horse

By Harold Louis Deen

The White Horse by artist and poet Harold Louis Deen is a short fiction tale set in Cork, Ireland in the early 1800s. It revolves around the sale of a fine white Arabian horse to the representative of a foreign ruler. While the sale of...

The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Short Stories
By Fiza Pathan

The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Short Stories by Fiza Pathan is an excellent collection of short stories, all of which revolve around the topic of LGBT worldwide. The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name contains 21 stories on the lives and...

The Journal

By R. D. Stevens

The Journal by R.D. Stevens is a heartwarming story that explores themes of family, adventure, and the quest for meaning. Meet eighteen-year-old Ethan Willis, who sets out on a journey to locate the sister who’s been gone for years, travelling across South East Asia. Follow...

The Ka

By Mary Deal

The Ka by Mary Deal combines history, destiny, and the magic of ancient Egypt. Chione has always felt a connection to Egypt, through the culture her parents taught her and the recurring dreams that catch the attention of the founder of the Institute of Archaeology....

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The Boy in the Suitcase

The Concealing Sea, Book 1
By N. V. Baker

The Boy in the Suitcase: The Concealing Sea, Book 1 is a novel of suspense written by N.V. Baker. Lena Albright was no stranger to the concept of ending one’s life; indeed, she had made several foolish attempts when she was still a child. The...

Two Journeys Home

A Novel of Eighteenth Century Europe
By Kevin O'Connell

Two Journeys Home is a historical fiction story by Kevin O’Connell. In 1767, widowed Eileen O’Connell returns to Derrynane, Ireland after spending over five years in Austria. She acquired European traits and customs considered presumptuous by a few relatives and locals. Eileen meets Lieutenant O’Leary...

The Shores of Our Souls

By Kathryn Brown Ramsperger

The Shores of Our Souls by Kathryn Brown Ramsperger follows a romantic affair between a forty-year-old Muslim diplomat in New York City and a young, fresh-out-of-college stunning beauty from the South, a story that explores the dynamics of family, war, and religion. The young beauty,...

The Girl of Zen

By Susana Franco

The Girl of Zen by Susana Franco is a most enjoyable read about a woman, Victoria, who visited a monastery in Japan. She endeavored to find herself or find a spiritual path, and planned to visit India later to learn to teach yoga as well....

The Unexpected Daughter

By Sheryl Parbhoo

The Unexpected Daughter by Sheryl Parbhoo is a very captivating story of how the lives of three people can be so opposite, and yet so similar. Jenny is a young professional from the old South, who carries with her the burden and baggage of a...

Tiger Pelt

By Annabelle Kim

Tiger Pelt by Annabelle Kim takes us into the story of a time that was a savage and sometimes unforgiving time. You are taken into Korea when Japan was an occupying force. A young boy from a farm goes on a quest that will lead...

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