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Turtle Island

By Dave Henry

Turtle Island by Dave Henry is a stunning fantasy novel about a family of four. The Masters family was on vacation when their dad, Don, got lost and had to turn into the Ted Williams Tunnel. The tunnel takes them through a portal to Turtle...

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The White Raven

By Carrie D. Miller

I enjoy books with bold plots and quirky perspectives and The White Raven by Carrie D. Miller offered more than that. In some strange way, the author had me thinking about Sita, the lead character in Christopher Pike’s Thirst. Aven is living her thirteenth life,...

Making of an Empress

By Frank David

Making of an Empress by Frank David is a gorgeous story with a powerful conflict, a story that features strong themes, including personal development, family, leadership, and the power of change. As the only person — her grandfather — who could help her harness the...

The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women

By Kevin James Breaux

The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women by Kevin James Breaux follows the journey of warrior-woman Astrid the White, daughter of Kol, after she wakes up after her home of Birka was raided. She doesn’t know where she is, how she got to be there, or what...


Twelve Keys, One Secret
By Ceri Bladen

If I were to tell you the name of any writer that Twe12ve: Twelve Keys, One Secret by Ceri Bladen reminds me of then that writer would be Neil Gaiman. That is enough right there to give you an idea what Twe12ve is about and...

A Gossamer Lens

The Legend of Vanx Malic Book 10
By M. R. Mathias

A Gossamer Lens by M.R. Mathias is the tenth book in the spellbinding and epic fantasy series featuring Vanx Malic, a work of great depth and length in the arena of fantasy that can find a comfortable place alongside the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Readers...

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Ave, Caesarion

The Rise of Caesarion's Rome Book 1
By Deborah Davitt

I really enjoy good tales of ancient Rome. I’m not entirely sure why. But part of it is the easy comparisons to America. Another factor is the emphasis on warfare. The other elements I find myself enjoying are the politics and focus on family. Ave,...

The Night of the Eleventh Sun

By Steven Burgauer

The Night of the Eleventh Sun by Steven Burgauer tells the story of one of the few remaining Neanderthal clans living somewhere in Europe 30,000 BC. We learn what they ate, what they wore, their customs, practices and beliefs. Strong Arms is the leader of...

Demoweir's Rise

Great War Chronicles Book 2
By Michael G Benningfield

A freshly original and delightful read, Demoweir's Rise by Michael Benningfield is the second book in the Great War Chronicles, a tale that features magical beings, great warriors, storm riders, ogres, giants, Cyclopes, elves, and a world that is strangely similar to the one created...

The White Tower

The Aldoran Chronicles: Book 1
By Michael Wisehart

The White Tower by Michael Wisehart is the first book in The Aldoran Chronicles. In this world, the use of magic is forbidden because the Great Wizard Wars wreaked havoc in Aldoran, yet the ones who judge and persecute wielders of magic use magic themselves...

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