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Heirs of Power

The Constellation Saga Book 1
By Kay MacLeod

Heirs of Power by Kay MacLeod is the first book in The Constellation Saga. Kitty Fairlow has everything she could want: hunting, protecting those she cares about, the peace of the woods she's always known, and an upcoming wedding to her childhood love. After Kitty...

Hot Agua

By Zoe Delambre

Texas and Mexico – so close geographically and so linked in history, culture and a shared love of the land and its environment. This is the world that Zoe Delambre takes us to in her novel Hot Agua. Sarita Salt, a recently divorced and wealthy...

Hunters of Gaia

New Mother Earth Book 2
By Renna Olsen

Hunters of Gaia, the second book of Renna Olsen's New Mother Earth series delves into the power struggle between a galactic corporation intent on maintaining its assets, an ambitious leader bent on leaving her mark on history, an artificial intelligence seeking to evolve, and a...

His Chance

HIS Series Book 4
By Sheila Kell

His Chance by Sheila Kell is the fourth book in the HIS romance suspense series. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy romances with an element of danger mixed in, and who...

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How I'm Spending My Afterlife

By Spencer Fleury

Ever thought about checking out of your train wreck of a life and then watching the not-so-pleasant aftermath from the sidelines like a spectator sport? That’s exactly what happens in How I’m Spending My Afterlife, a well-written novel by Spencer Fleury. Alton Carver, an attorney in...

Her Lying Eyes

By Susan Mills Wilson

Her Lying Eyes has it all; romance, mystery, murder, twists, turns, good guys, bad guys and the action never stops. Jamie is a journalist with a huge story to break, one that has the potential to destroy a company and the rich family who own...

His Choice

HIS Series Book 2
By Sheila Kell

Sheila Kell’s His Choice is the second entry in the HIS Series, an engaging blend of sizzling romance with suspense, one of those stories that delight fans who love romance with powerful plots and intense action. AJ Hamilton is a killer. A merciless one. This...

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House of Eire

A Hillary Broome Novel
By June Gillam

House of Eire: A Hillary Broome Novel is a murder mystery novel written by June Gillam. Hillary still couldn’t quite grasp the fact that she was finally going to Ireland. For two weeks, she, her husband, Ed, six-year-old daughter, Claire, and Sarah, the Miwok woman...

His Desire

HIS Series Book 1
By Sheila Kell

His Desire: HIS Series, Book 1 by Sheila Kell is the story of passion and finding that sweet relief when you can fall in love once more, especially when you have sworn you will not love again. The story follows FBI Special Agent Kate Ross;...

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Award Winner

Hospital Hill

By Katherine Anderson

Hospital Hill is an historical mystery novel written by Katherine Anderson. Northampton State Hospital was Valerie Martin’s first place of employment. Working in an asylum had not been the Smith graduate’s plan for a career. Valerie had planned on using her degree in Education and...

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