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Rippling Red

A Dusty Kent Mystery
By Brigid George

Rippling Red by Brigid George is the third book in the Dusty Kent Mystery series and follows investigative journalist Dusty Kent and her steadfast assistant, Sean O'Kelly, as they try to solve a cold case (well, two actually) in Australia's lush Northern Territory. Traveling to...

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The Actress

A Christian Murder Mystery
By Michael Hicks Thompson

The Actress (A Christian Murder Mystery) by Michael Hicks Thompson is a murder mystery Christian novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of young adults and adults who enjoy intrigue and detective stories. In the 1960s, a widow named Martha McRae found herself...

Time Between Days

By Greg Johns

I teach English in China. It is an exciting place that I think will challenge America soon. How that will turn out is anyone’s guess. But until then, I predict we will be seeing more and more movies featuring China. And we will be reading...

The Farmer In The Dell Murder

An Arch Grant Cape Hatteras Mystery
By Bill Husztek

The Farmer in the Dell Murder: An Arch Grant Cape Hatteras Mystery by Bill Husztek is a story that features murder and police investigation, a murder that could be insignificant in location but that quickly escalates into a national crisis, in a political setting with...

Death at Windover

By Jay Heavner

Canaveral Flats Chief of Police Bill Kenney has a bigger problem on his hands than he could ever imagine in Death at Windover by Jay Heavner. When a local contractor’s heavy equipment operator digs up not only two ancient skulls, but also a very modern...

Made Safe

By Francis Sparks

Fans of James Patterson and David Baldacci will be enraptured by Francis Sparks’ Made Safe, a gripping thriller that involves crime and a gritty investigation. Moses Winter is a private investigator embroiled in an investigation of adultery. Hired by Fred Dunsmore’s wife, Sharon, he follows...

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Speak For The Dead

A John Santana Novel
By Christopher Valen

Speak For The Dead is the seventh book in Christopher Valen’s police procedural series about St. Paul homicide detective John Santana. Born in Colombia and exiled after the powerful Calí cartel killed his parents (for reasons unspecified in this book, but which I’m guessing were...

The Snowman

Prequel to the Detective Quaid Mysteries
By Yolanda Renee

The Snowman by Yolanda Renee is a prequel to the Detective Quaid Mysteries. Stowy Jenkins goes by another name. The Alaskans call him the Snowman and he is an artist. His medium of choice? Blood. A medium he is obsessed with, an obsession that leads...

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The Mystery of Her

Zane Brothers Detective Series Book 1
By Patricia Catacalos

The Mystery of Her: Zane Brothers Detective Series Book 1 is the story of the three brothers - Zackery, Evan and Noah - and their detective agency. Lady Kiera Everett wants to hire the brothers to prove that her father was murdered by his...

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Hot Dogs

A Lord Tyee Mystery
By Kaimana Wolff and Lord Tyee

Hot Dogs: A Lord Tyee Mystery is a sleuth mystery novel written by Kaimana Wolff and Lord Tyee. Caryn was trouble. Lord Tyee knew instantly when she was coming, and he knew she could be relied upon to bring more trouble. His distrust of her...