Fiction - Realistic

Just Temporary

By S.M. Pitra

Casey is just your typical single, older woman. She's 43, never been married, no kids but two kitties. She rents a tiny little house, just a few blocks from her mother, that has the perfect space to use as a studio for her fiber art;...


By Corey Campbell

Jetsam by Corey Mattingly is a realistic novel about the lives of today’s teenagers in the developed world. Jetsam is a simple story, but it tells some hard-hitting truths. Jetsam starts off as the musings and thoughts of a fairly typical middle-class young white American...

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Just Saying

Melanie's Story, Sorrento Book 3
By Jianna Higgins

I've got some catching up to do. I have just finished Just Saying by Jianna Higgins. This is Melanie’s Story and apparently it is just one novel in a series called The Sorrento Series. I love the names. Just Kidding, Just Wondering, Just Going, and...

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Just Kidding

Ruby's Prequel Novella (Sorrento Book 0)
By Jianna Higgins

Just Kidding is Ruby’s prequel novella in the Sorrento series, written by Jianna Higgins. Ruby Smith is knowledgeable in many things. As a former action junkie in her youth, riding motorcycles, flying airplanes, skiing and four-wheel driving made up just a fragment of her adventurous...

Jasper Spring

By James T Hughes

A heartwarming, beautifully and simply told story, Jasper Spring by James T Hughes is as beguiling as it is inspiring, a story that captures the simple joys of a simple family. Meet Alice and Tucker, the stewards of Jasper Spring, whose only dream is to...

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Jade Orchid Lovers

By Mei Silk

Sara Wang simply wants to get on with her life as a college instructor in a new town in Jade Orchid Lovers by Mei Silk. Moving back to where she had grown up after a nasty divorce, Sara returns to the pool at the Y...

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Jesus In Our Time

By Nilanjana Sanyal

Jesus in Our Time by Nilanjana Sanyal is an insightful and beautiful story about one woman’s spiritual journey, a story that captures the political and social issues of contemporary society with forensic clarity. When the story begins, the reader is introduced to a couple having...


By Gene Scott

Jellybeaners by Gene Scott is a heartbreaking story of the opioid epidemic, a story that captures the drug plague in the very heart of Appalachia. In this spellbinding story, readers will navigate the pains and peril and the despair that surrounds the use of the...

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Jersey Diner

By Lisa Diane Kastner

Life at the Oaklyn Diner was pretty much all Lauren knew. She clocked in, did her shift, and spent nearly all of her spare time in the company of the diner owners, Mr. and Mrs. P. With her father’s erratic work hours and unpredictable alcohol...

Just Like Ziggy

By Julie Oleszek

Seventeen-year-old Anna is the ninth child in a family of ten brothers and sisters. Just Like Ziggy by Julie Oleszek starts with Anna being discharged from the psychiatric ward of the fifth floor of Advocate Hospital. Anna is still not able to talk about her...