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Amy, The Story Of A Coram Foundling

By Angie Northey

Amy: The History Of A Coram Foundling is written by Angie Northey. Amy began life as an orphan in the Coram Foundling Hospital, where she received very little love, but was given a lot of rules and regulations to follow. Amy always tried her...

Ass, Cash & Grass

Welcome to Cali
By Chad Vegas

Ass, Cash & Grass: Welcome to Cali by Chad Vegas is a great read, after the spellbinding Sex, Drugs & Corruption: Welcome to Peru which explored the adventure of two American carpenters and their unusual ploy to beat a government bent on sinking them. That...

All Shook Up

By Chelsey Krause

All Shook Up by Chelsey Krause is a humorous tale of Natalie’s journey to find herself. Natalie was adopted at birth and, until now, has never really questioned her roots. Working as the manager of a thrift shop, she is going through a box of...


A Novel
By Carl Sever

Alphonse, a first novel by Carl Sever, is unusual, somewhat strange, even occasionally confusing…and yet, despite all that, it’s also unforgettable because of its unique approach, engaging plot line and powerful characterization. Alphonse is actually “Jimmy from the South”, a soft-hearted hobo who goes out...


By A. Dudley Johnson Jr.

Is there an expiration date on a marriage? Sounds like a ridiculous question, doesn't it? Adirondack by A. Dudley Johnson Jr. puts the marriage of his fictitious characters, Anna and Will, to the test to explore this strange question. Anna and Will have been childhood...

After All

By Alan Johnson

After All by Alan Johnson is a beautiful coming-of-age story, set against the backdrop of the turbulent years of the ‘60s in Lincoln, Tennessee. Cubby James has two years left to complete college and it already feels like it will take an eternity, and he...


By Steven Manchester

When estranged brothers Tom and Jason Prendergast are informed of the death of their father, a rare shared emotion of relief flits briefly across their individual minds. The man was evil. Always putting brother against brother, degrading each son at every opportunity. With the news...

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After d Dark

By Aderonke Moyinlorun

After d Dark by Aderonke Moyinlorun is a powerful novel with great psychological undertones, a story of abuse, revenge, and murder. Miki Daniels has suffered a lot from her childhood, including rape. After experiencing an abusive childhood and surviving the worst imaginable form of sexual...

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A Thousand Butterfly Wishes

By Susan Haught

A Thousand Butterfly Wishes by Susan Haught is a heartwarming story that features love and loss, a journey towards compassion, and the incredible power of human connectedness. Meet Rachel Gowen, a woman with a difficult past that haunts her, a past she would love to...

A Matter of Issue

By Carollyne Haynes

A Matter of Issue by Carollyne Haynes takes a closer look at family relationships, elder abuse, and the problems that can occur when children allow greed and avarice to cloud their judgment of their family, once money becomes involved. It asks important questions such as...

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