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Forest Dancer

By Susan Roebuck

Forest Dancer by Susan Roebuck is an interesting story with wonderful characters, a story that fans of Polina will adore, beautifully crafted with characters that are genuinely flawed yet decided on bringing out the best in themselves. Flora Gatehouse has just recently lost her father,...

Fort Sarpy

Volume 2 of the Riverboat series
By Dave Lloyd

I love books with great openings, because the opening is always a promise. But what happens after that determines the storytelling skills of the author. Lyrical and engaging, Fort Sarpy, the second book in the Riverboat series by Dave Lloyd has a gripping opening with...


A Gitksan Story
By Roy W. Russell

Angie must come to terms with the death of her best friend in Feast: A Gitksan Story by Roy W. Russell. Walt has died while in college in Toronto, halfway across the country from the reserve on which the Gitksan people live in the Pacific...


By Apple Gidley

Fireburn by Apple Gidley takes the reader into the 1870s to the Danish owned island of Saint Croix. Anna Clausen is a young woman who is of Anglo-Danish heritage and she finds herself coming back to her childhood home after her mother passes away. Things...

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From The Shadows

Blaze Series #1
By David Carter

From The Shadows by David Carter introduces us to thirty-one-year-old Bobby Blaise (or Blaze as he prefers to be known). Blaze was the black sheep of his family and left the small, rural New Zealand town of Glendale, where his mother was the principal of...

Forever, Alabama

By Susan Sands

In Forever, Alabama, Susan Sands engages her readers with a new and exciting relationship between a successful lawyer and the local therapist. Every woman in Ministry has a thing for Ben Laroux, except for Sabine O’ Connor, the town shrink/secrets keeper. Even if they haven’t...

Footprints in the Dust

A powerful and heartfelt Ohio Civil War story
By L.E. Hutchinson

I was a very willing time traveler as I found myself being transported back in time to the Civil War as I read Footprints in the Dust. This is not a true war story as there was very little of the actual battles being fought...

Failure of Fish

By Michael S. Robinson, Sr.

Failure of Fish by Michael S. Robinson, Sr. is a coming-of-age story that reads like a classic, a story with characters that will awaken all kinds of powerful emotions in many readers, reminding them of the dilemmas of growing up, the fears of transitioning into...

Forever Again

By Linda Stiles Fox

Forever Again by Linda Stiles Fox is the story of a woman who found love when she was just a teenager, lost it, and found it again when she got older. This is the story of a woman who gave her life to a boy,...

Faraway Green

By Jack Young

I discovered Jack Young through the breathtaking novel, Hail, Cigaros! I was instantly drawn to his exceptional craft, so when I took Faraway Green I was expecting a stellar work, and my expectations were met. Jack Young comes across to me as a master of...