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The Draft
By Bianca Williams

Single mother Bryn Charles can't believe her luck when she signs Shane Smith, Nighthawk player and NFL superstar, to organise a kick ass event. She's never been one for jocks, but there is no denying that Shane has a body to die for, and Jen,...

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Santiago Tales

By Terry Tumbler

Santiago Tales by Terry Tumbler is a brilliant, refreshing, and gripping collection of tales crafted around a group of retired people on a pilgrimage to Santiago, a contemporary kind of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Led by an ex-detective, readers are introduced to a...

Skeleton Dance

By C. Jai Ferry

Skeleton Dance is a short realistic story written by C. Jai Ferry. Her grandmother was trying to kill her, she knew it for a fact. There was never a question in her mind about it. Since that first afternoon after her mother's death things had...

Six Women 6 Flavors

From Your Head to Your Bed
By A.D. White

Six Women 6 Flavors: From Your Head to Your Bed by A.D. White is an adult novel that is both entertaining and informative. The book is a personal narrative that follows a young teenager’s relationships up to his adult years. The author takes us on...

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By Amber Anderson Smith, Marissa Williams, Rachel Rankins, Alexis Walters

As the seasons unfold in the sleepy, picturesque town of Springfield, residents prepare for the fate of their beloved Mighty Oak. The memories and emotions surrounding that giant tree in the center of town make the decision to fell the beloved tree more than difficult....

Short Fuse

A Short Tale of Abuse, Betrayal and Revenge
By Clabe Polk

Short Fuse: A Short Tale of Abuse, Betrayal and Revenge by Clabe Polk tells the story of Ken Handly, a man who thinks he owns the world, or rather perhaps that the world owes him. Dismissing his marriage to Katherine as inconsequential and unworthy of...

Summer Girl

A Novel
By Linda Watkins

Summer Girl by Linda Watkins is a heartfelt story of a boy and a girl. For Jake, living on Cutter Island, off the coast of Maine, life is pretty laid back. That is until the summer of ’65 when he meets fifteen-year-old Andi. That was...

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Salleys Kitchen

By Bruce Wise Weeks

Salleys Kitchen by Bruce Wise Weeks is a historical event/era fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy historical fiction that focuses on the Jim Crow era in the South during the 1960s, and who...

Sirens Over the Hudson

A Novel of Great Recession
By M.J. Neary

Sirens Over the Hudson by MJ Neary is a Novel of Great Recession, set in Westchester County, NY in 2008, the start of the financial meltdown. The financial district is panicking, but for the privileged residents of Sleepy Hollow and Tarry Town, it’s all just...

Silent Heroes

A Recon Marine's Vietnam War Experience
By Rick Greenberg

Silent Heroes: A Recon Marine's Vietnam War Experience by Rick Greenberg is historical fiction that will transport readers to the Vietnam era, allowing them to have a clear peek into the realities of war, a story with realistic and compelling characters. What does it feel...

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