Fiction - Realistic

The Trumpets of Jericho

A Novel
By J. Michael Dolan

The Trumpets of Jericho: A Novel by J. Michael Dolan is a historical novel that explores one of the horrible moments of history — the horrors of Auschwitz. Taking the reader through the daring 1944 Jewish uprising at the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz, the...

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The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Short Stories
By Fiza Pathan

The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Short Stories by Fiza Pathan is an excellent collection of short stories, all of which revolve around the topic of LGBT worldwide. The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name contains 21 stories on the lives and...

The Viscount and the Vicar's Daughter

A Victorian Romance
By Mimi Matthews

The Viscount and the Vicar's Daughter by Mimi Matthews is a Victorian romance set in 1861. Tristan Sinclair is a viscount, a world-weary man who has sunk to the lowest depths. Valentine March is a vicar’s daughter and when she gets a job as a...

To Be Had

By Sava Buncic

To Be Had by Sava Buncic is a great read with compelling characters. A lawyer who doesn't earn more than a waiter, Boris feels trapped in Greentown. But how can he give his family the life they deserve when there are no prospects of advancing...

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The Sun in a Tear

By Luca Favaro

Sooner or later, each of us will lose a loved one or friend as a result of illness or old age. When it happens, the heartache and feelings of loss and emptiness are devastating. For Luca Favaro, author of The Sun in a Tear, the...

The Winds of Revolution

By Mark Conte

The Winds of Revolution by Mark Conte is a novel with a strong historical setting against the backdrop of the pre-revolutionary period in Cuba. Follow the story of an unusual, passionate love of an American sailor for a woman older than him, a woman who...

Two Journeys Home

A Novel of Eighteenth Century Europe
By Kevin O'Connell

Two Journeys Home is a historical fiction story by Kevin O’Connell. In 1767, widowed Eileen O’Connell returns to Derrynane, Ireland after spending over five years in Austria. She acquired European traits and customs considered presumptuous by a few relatives and locals. Eileen meets Lieutenant O’Leary...

The Second Cup

By Sarah Marie Graye

The Second Cup by Sarah Marie Graye is a novel about four friends who find out how fragile life can be and how much someone else’s life can impact theirs. Jumping between different narratives, this novel is the perfect read for those who like gritty,...

The Master and the Maid

Heaven's Pond Trilogy Book 1
By Laura Libricz

The Master and the Maid: Heaven’s Pond Trilogy Book 1 is a long, leisurely read, and is the interesting story of Katarina, a young girl living in Germany in the 1600s. Katarina is a barmaid doing most of the work while her lazy and irresponsible...

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The Camera's Eye

By Judith Kirscht

Veronica “Roni” Lorimer and Charlotte “Lotti” McAllister are best friends and housemates. Both retired and widowed, they live in a cozy home among the evergreens, on a small island in Puget Sound. When a rock is thrown through a window in their home, the enigma...