Fiction - Short Story/Novela

Chanukah Tales from Oykvetchnik

By Scott Hilton Davis

Chanukah Tales from Oykvetchnik is a collection of original Yiddish folk stories written by Scott Hilton Davis and illustrated by Amy F. Levine. Davis grew up loving the tales of Sholem Aleichem, I.L. Peretz, Sholem Abramovitsh and Jacob Dinezon, and has devoted his life to...

The Hater

By Dez Haidley

The Hater is a short story about judgmental loathing in a multicultural society, written by Dez Haidley. A man frequently sees a beautiful woman at the local bus stop, engaging in conversation with those around her, but he cannot hear her words. He hates her...

Crocodile Chamber

By Gayendra Abeywardane

Crocodile Chamber by Gayendra Abeywardane is a short, but most intense and unusual read, and is definitely not for everyone. Readers who will be drawn to Crocodile Chamber aren’t afraid of dark stories. They are readers who enjoy reflection that intellectualizes and explores…even if it...

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Christmas Magic 1959

By Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Christmas Magic 1959 by Kathryn Meyer Griffith tells the story of the Christmas of 1959 when the author was a young girl, just nine years old. She recalls the sights, sounds and smells of everything on that special day with her grandparents, mother and father,...

Thread and Other Stories

By Eric Halpenny

Thread and Other Stories by Eric Halpenny is a compelling book featuring fascinating, thought-provoking and entertaining stories with well-crafted characters. In The Thread, the reader meets Yannick and Prudence, people who have suffered a lot of injustice and who live on very meager means. But...

Far Endeavor

A Windflower Saga Novella, The Windflower Saga Volume 10
By Aleksandra Layland

When a certain Kimbrii family left their homeland for Illurgia, they expected a relatively uneventful journey. However, the advice of a wicked and spiteful man led them directly into the hands of pirates. In an attempt to save the women from the horror they...

Forged in Love

A Romance Novella
By Ronnda Eileen Henry

Forged in Love is a romance novella written by Ronnda Eileen Henry. Penny was quite happy being unmarried and living with her parents in the small village of Pennington-by-Greta. Penny would have liked to have found a husband and have her own family, but it...

Scandalous Hoe Fiction

By Ashley M. Hardy

A short, delightful read, Scandalous Hoe Fiction by Ashley M. Hardy is a dramatic novel, a story told around a lounge bar in a small town, and an assortment of women. What is in a woman? What is a woman capable of? In this swiftly-paced,...

His Sacred Vow

By Susan Jean Ricci

Melanie and Mary are twin sisters. They share just about everything. However, one thing is quite different. Mary is married and desperately wants to have a baby of her own. Melanie is not married and very pregnant, a love affair gone sour. When Mary’s husband’s...


Modrad's Exile
By Kevin Hopson

Facing impending exile, Modrad - a dwarf from the village of Vargrom – isn’t one to wait around pondering his fate, so he sets out on a mission to Coalfell - the land of the Chrogs. There he hopes to bring back a gem worthy...

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