From my Mother

By Margreet Dietz

Over the duration of a 100 km marathon, Nadia reflects on the life of her Oma (grandma), the hardships her loved one endured and the impact it made on the way she lived. Miles pass under Nadia's feet, her goal is merely to reach the finish...

Ducks on the Pond

A Love Letter to the Sport of Baseball
By R. Scott Murphy

Ducks On The Pond by R. Scott Murphy is a tribute to the sport of baseball. It seems that Americans of all ages love this sport. Murphy expresses his fascination with the sport through poetry, short story and essay. There is something special about the...

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Kate's Philadelphia Frenzy

Camp Club Girls
By Janice Hanna

Eleven year old Kate and Sidney, one of the Camp Club Girls, take on vicious rumors about a Philadelphia baseball player who just happens to be the father of one of their friends. Kate's father is an inventor who has given her many high-tech devices...

Kastle Law

By Chris Copeland

Kastle Benton Raines loved baseball. In the mid 90s he was recruited by the Los Angeles Dodgers. What was even more amazing, he was still in high school. Life was good. One night, as he was leaving a club, he saw three men attacking two...

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Ulterior Motives

By Mark O’Neal

Pro basketball player, Maurice Ousley is returning home to Chicago after a losing season. His stepfather picks him up at the airport. They notice a car is following them. When they stop, the other car pulls up, and grabs Maurice’s stepfather. He has till Friday...