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In Your Face - In Your Heart

The Story of Joe Cronin
By Bob Gorman

Little Joe Cronin’s dream was to play big league baseball. In 1916 he played on his first organized baseball team; he was a fifth grader. As a young adult, he watched players such as Ty Cobb and learned from them. It was almost unbelievable to...

Incomprehensible Demoralization

An Addict Pharmacist’s Journey To Recovery
By Jared Combs

We have an erroneous vision of what an addict looks like. The person sitting next to you in church could be an addict. It could be your doctor, lawyer, postal worker, or the little old lady that lives next door. Incomprehensible Demoralization drew me in and...

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Pieces of my Life So Far
By Amy Grant

Amy Grant-- who is she? Songwriter, singer, daughter, wife, mother, author and most importantly a child of God… She is all of these and more. She has lived in the public eye for many years. However, few know the real Amy Grant. Mosaic is an...

Rising Above The Influence

A True Story About Alcohol, Drugs and Recovery
By Stephen J. Della Valle

Stephen J. Della Valle is brutally honest in his biography, Rising Above The Influence. He was in middle school when alcohol and drugs began to take over his life. He "lived to get high." Violence, crime, and addiction went hand in hand. While Valle is...

The Senior

My Amazing Year as a 59-Year-Old College Football Linebacker
By Mike Flynt, Don Yaeger

Mike Flynt grew up in a tough family. He learned to fight when he was young. During his senior year at Sul Ross State University, he was the Captain of the football team. Unfortunately, he was kicked off the team for fighting. Flynt married and raised...

My Next Phase

The Personality-Based Guide to Your Best Retirement
By Eric Sundstrom, PhD, Randy Burnham, PhD, and Michael Burnham

My Next Phase may be one of the most significant books you ever read relating to your retirement. Many baby-boomers preparing their retirement focus their planning on only the financial aspect. Not all have considered what comes after retirement. “Success in Retirement comes from self-understanding,”...

The Ark, the Reed & the Fire Cloud

By Jenny L. Cote

Jenny L Cote is an extremely talented author. The Ark, the Reed & the Fire Cloud is sure to be a favorite of your child. The plot follows Max, a Scottish terrier, and Liz, a feline, as they lead other various animals to Noah’s Ark....

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By Alixandria DeSpain, Lucinda Laughlin

I recently received a copy of Calitare Restore in my mailbox. Alixandria DeSpain and Lucinda Laughlin sent me a copy of their book and requested I consider it for review. I added the book to my ever-growing stack. It took me a few weeks before...

No Escape

By Shannon K. Butcher

Shannon K. Butcher won my heart in her previous books, No Control and No Regret. Once again, she proves herself a master at combining suspense and romance. Her male leads are always the stuff fantasies are made of. In No Escape, Grant is a Delta Force...

The Soda Pop Gang

By Eddie S. Howell

Eddie S. Howell has created an imaginary world where the insects band together to stop Black Widow. Miss Lady Bug narrates the story. While the insects may be small, they are mighty for they know they are important to God. A wealthy man built a...

Misplaced Image

A Christian Novel
By Dloyd Hedrick

Dloyd Hedrick’s Misplaced Image is a tale of fiction that could well be reality. World leaders band together to create a one-world government known as the World Union. There were no more nations; now there were SECTIONS. One man was elected by SECTION members to...

Seventh Day

By Bodie & Brock Thoene

Word of Yeshua had spread throughout the region. Everyone seemed to be demanding something from him. They were looking for a leader to organize a rebellion to destroy Rome.   The Pharisees, Sadducees, and Sanhedrin were concerned about their power. They were more concerned with keeping...

A Beautiful Fall

By Chris Coppernoll

Emma Madison is at a crossroads in her life. She left home for Boston 12 years ago and became an attorney. She has what she thought she wanted until she is forced to return home to Juneberry, South Carolina. On the day she wins her biggest...

A Firm Place To Stand

Finding Meaning in a Life with Bipolar Disorder
By Marja Bergen

Someone close to me once described their battle with Bipolar Disorder as having thoughts flying through their mind. They could not reach a thought quickly enough, for another was flying right behind it. After talking with him, I came to understand that living with Bipolar...

A Line in the Sand

The Kane Legacy #1
By Al & Joanna Lacy

A Line In The Sand by Al & Joanna Lacy is the first story in the trilogy, The Kane Legacy. The story begins in Boston, Massachusetts, in the year 1834. The Kane’s are Irish descendents, tall, rugged, and strong. Their faith is even stronger, and...

Broken Angel

By Sigmund Brouwer

Set in the future, Broken Angel is fraught with mystery. Caitlyn was different from other kids. In fundamental Appalachia, different is not acceptable. Books are not allowed, especially the Bible. Neither can anyone leave the “safety” of the collective. Reading was like eating from the...

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Dem Church Folk

By Marion W. McKenney

Dem Church Folk is a humorous look at churches. Bubba Lee grew up in a small southern church. He and his family wold spend all day at church on Sundays. It was a Pentecostal church and when the Spirit moved the congregation would jump, shout,...


By Eric Wilson

WOW! This book deserves 5 gold stars crusted with precious jewels. Rarely does a book like this come along. I have been told the movie (by the same name) is very good, also. I can hardly wait to see it. It is difficult to give...

Hand that Bears the Sword, The

By George Bryan Polivka

Cap Hillis has retold the story of the slaying of the Firefish over and over; as legends tend to do, it has grown with each telling. People came from far and wide to see the great Packer Throme or catch a glimpse of Panna, the...

Home to Holly Springs

Father Tim, Book 1
By Jan Karon

Father Tim’s best friend is a dog. His favorite car is a convertible that he drives too fast. His wife is an author of children’s books. His childhood was filled with love from everyone except his father. He is a retired minister. After receiving a simple...