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Chloe The Clone

By William E. Mason

In an interesting and unique new work of science fiction by author William E. Mason, Chloe The Clone is a story that unfortunately seems increasingly possible. Taking place in the near future, in 2020, the story follows the life of Chloe, a little girl who...


Primordium Book One
By William E. Mason

Reformation: Primordium by William E. Mason is the first book in a sci fi series that registers the evolution of life on planet Earth, a highly imaginative work that will take sci fi lovers by surprise. John Lohner continually wrestles with a voice that speaks...


Primordium Book Two
By William E. Mason

Renaissance is Book Two in the spellbinding Primordium series by William E. Mason, a masterful blend of science and fantasy. Humanity is losing its essence because of the death of A4-Ni, the incomprehensible life form that has nourished it for so many years. Only one...


Primordium Book Three
By William E. Mason

Requiem is the third book in the pulsating Primordium series by William E. Mason, a colossal work of fantasy and pure genius. This time the future of pure humans, the Maraia, is threatened by a sinister and unforgiving dark force, the Cardassin, and their DNA...


Primordium Book Four
By William E. Mason

Resurrection is the fourth and perhaps the last book in the Primordium Series by William E. Mason. This is a dazzling denouement to the electrifying series that has featured an excellent intermingling of aliens and humans in the quest to shape destiny, but this time...