A History of Vampires

Legend & Lore

Fiction - Fantasy - Epic
320 Pages
Reviewed on 05/31/2022
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Delene Vrey for Readers' Favorite

Jude, the reluctant King of his Immortal family, has found his Queen, and now they are ready to face their destiny, but first, they have to survive Marie and Ludwig's turbulent relationship woes. The family of eight set out together with three Wudges in search of keys that will help them find the Wudge's son and clarify the Immortals' reason for existing. As far as he knows, Jude is the first of his kind. He made a family for himself, starting with Marie and adding Ludwig. As the family of eight follows the vibrations felt by the Wudges, they travel worldwide and have unexpected time-travel experiences where each finds their own personal key. While cooped up in the cabin of their plane, Angelina hears Marie and Ludwig's story. A story that is surprising and also emotional. We are also introduced to the villains in the story and how they have come into contact with some of the Immortals through time. When one of the Immortals is lured out of Jude's New Orleans mansion by a Siren, the scene is set for a showdown not seen before.

A History of Vampires: Legend and Lore by Amanda Lewis is an exciting fun-filled ride of a lifetime. Where the first book was more serious, the second is filled with sassy women and good humor. The first book is an introduction to Jude's world and his family of Immortals, but the second book is an action-packed adventure filled with time travel and people from myth and legend. I was so caught up in the book that I did not want to put it down. Ms. Lewis writes a story that flows effortlessly from the pages, creating a rich and fulfilling reading experience. There is not one curse word or explicit sex in the book, and in my opinion, the author successfully created a good clean fantasy adventure that anyone can read. I just loved this book. There is so much growth and personality in the characters. It was a great experience to escape into.

K.C. Finn

A History of Vampires: Legend & Lore is a work of fiction in the historical, fantasy, and speculative fiction subgenres. It is intended for the general reading audience and was penned by author Amanda Lewis. This fascinating work in which the lines of reality and history are blurred focuses on the second part of the journey for protagonist Jude who, after the events of A New Queen, just wants to settle into a normal life with his new bride. But things are far from normal when you’re immortal, and a new quest is already on the horizon. A quest that, if he’s not successful, could bring war and destruction to all of vampire-kind.

I always enjoy a thrilling speculative fantasy adventure, and author Amanda Lewis certainly delivers that in spades, but what also impressed me about this superb creation was its emotional resonance and the level of realism that’s interwoven by the presence of real history and powerful characterization. There was also a great deal of humor, pathos, intrigue, and mystery, not least in the utterly charming dialogue and razor-sharp wit, which characterized each individually wonderfully and moved the plot along at a suitably action-packed pace. The work was enjoyable and easy to read as a standalone but it would certainly make readers go back and seek out the rest of the series too, as well as be thrilled by what’s to come next. Overall, A History of Vampires is a highly recommended read for fantasy fans, historical fiction enthusiasts, and any reader seeking an exciting new adventure to embark on.

Teresa Syms

A History of Vampires: Legend & Lore by Amanda Lewis introduces the reader to many unique and varied characters such as Amelia, Anne, Ludwig, Marie, John, Edgar, and Jude. Jude, who is the vampire king, saves Marie Antionette’s life after her beheading, so that she may become his eternal bride and rid him of his loneliness. However, Marie cannot remain faithful to only one man. Jude leaves her and she flounders her way throughout history until their paths cross again. As head of the collective vampire family, Jude must step into his full power and potential as king and leader to destroy the rising army of supernatural beings. Will their band of unusual characters collect their mythical weapons in time to save the world, or will Stavros and his evil brother raise their demon army and destroy all?

Amanda Lewis writes a captivating and in-depth novel, A History of Vampires: Legend & Lore. Her storyline hosts a fantastic premise where historical figures come to life as part of the vampire collective. Along with the little Wudges of the forest, their first mission is to locate and acquire their mystical weapons. Once done they prepare for battle again the Ancient Impieties. Here the reader gets to read about Anne Frank, Ludwig von Beethoven, Edgar Allen Poe, Marie Antoinette, and several others we thought lost to this world. The reader will get a good sense of who each character is, and their role in the drama. The plot grows steadily throughout the book and it isn’t until the end that the reader says, “I want more!” Kudos to Lewis on an excellent book. I look forward to the next book.