A Love Relentless

A Love Relentless

Romance - Historical
140 Pages
Reviewed on 11/05/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers' Favorite

A Love Relentless by Ju Ephraime is set in Alaska, home of the North American Indians. Elizabeth Johansen inherits a house and a fortune from Great-Aunt Edna, but she must return to her origins for good or lose it. Liz left because she was shamed when the man chosen as her husband backed out, and she has made a life in town running a craft shop, old ways dismissed and men ignored. She flies home to inspect the property and opts to stay, much to the annoyance of her nearest neighbour. Rohan, son of an Athabaskan chief, intent on preserving his ancestral homeland, wants to buy the vast estate, but he finds himself attracted to the independent beauty. Will he win her, or will Elizabeth reject the old ways a second time and Rohan with them?

The life of a North American Indian, set not that long ago, is so vividly described from the start of A Love Relentless that understanding Elizabeth’s humiliation at her chosen partner’s cruel rejection is as easy as tasting the food the people eat, and seeing and smelling the country blossoming from winter to spring, but this is more than a clash of cultures. It’s a battle for the heart of an independent woman by a man who sets out to rout her and falls helplessly in love. Ju Ephraime can conjure passion with words; hot, flaming passion that cannot stop, but does… This is a fascinating, intriguing book about a little-known people, their culture and their way of life, but be ready for sizzling, steamy desire; this truly is A Love Relentless.