A Question of Privilege

The Judge Ment Series

Fiction - Mystery - General
302 Pages
Reviewed on 02/04/2013
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Author Biography

Ken Klopper has been involved in the law for almost forty years in his capacity as prosecutor, magistrate, advocate, and judge. He is a Criminal Law expert and has dealt with all forms of crime in various courts, including the High Court. He lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. His books include:
"A Question of Privilege-The Judge Ment Series- Volume 1"
(mystery legal/crime),
"A Question of Revenge-The Judge Ment Series-Volume 2(mystery/legal/crime)
"Born a Travelling Man" (biography/law/humor),
"Journal of an Eyewitness" (spiritual/faith/religion)
Ken also has a passion for music and songwriting.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Shweta Shankar for Readers' Favorite

A brilliant whodunnit plot that explores the legal angles of a murder mystery. It clearly demonstrates how a crime is investigated from the initial stages to the courts. The story revolves around a central theme of dilemma - privileged communication between a doctor and patient and a question of ethics. How far can a doctor go to protect his client even if he knows the latter has committed murder? The mystery is solved by the shrewd and astute judge, William Ment. It is a fantastic story that contains all the fascinating components. Judge William Ment's best friend is Doctor Peter Carstens. Doctor Peter Carstons has been treating a patient who claims to have committed murder. Dr.Carstens's patient plays a central role in the murder trial presided by Judge Ment! A full circle of events follow and the question everyone asks is Will Dr.Carstens reveal all under questioning? Will the doctor-patient privilege be destroyed or will Judge Ment find a way to serve justice without destroying this sacred relationship?

Ken Klopper has created a fascinating plot for his book. The central theme running through the book grips the reader till the end. And what an ending! Unexpected, unpredictable and astounding! Full marks for Mr.Klopper for coming up with this one! His writing style is simple and fluid, skillfully leading the reader from one chapter to another, all the time keeping the reader riveted to the book. He explores complicated legal and medical practices with ease, and the reader finds himself or herself wondering how he or she would handle the same situation. Do I tell all or protect a relationship sacred in my profession? A subject adroitly handled by the author, a definite page turner!