Carpet Snakes and Stick Insects

Extreme Pets, Book 2

Children - Picture Book
42 Pages
Reviewed on 10/19/2017
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Author Biography

J.R.Poulter has worked as a senior educator, librarian, lecturer in English Expression, editor and in a circus. A multi-awarded author/poet with over 50 books to her name, she also writes poetry, YA and general readership fiction under J.R.McRae.
Outstanding author - Helen Chamberlin, Hachette, Macmillan, Windy Hollow
Highly original, highly visual author - Mark McLeod, Random House, Hodder
Australia's Scheherazade - Dr. Florence Lewis, Professor of English literature, Berkley, UC
Major Awards: 
* Children's Choice, New Zealand
* in Top Ten Children's Books & YA Books, New Zealand,
* "Mending Lucille" won Crichton, CBCA Award
* Premier's Recommended Reading List, NSW, Australia
* Poetry - Premier's Open Literature Award [Warana]
* Simone Wood  Award, USA - children's book on dance 
* LiFE Award, Literature for Environment [for 3 books]
* Award-Winning Finalist, International Book Awards
* Winner, Purple Dragonfly Award - Picture Books 5 and younger
* "Getting Home" Winner, Purple Dragonfly Award - Best Illustrations
* Readers' Favorite International Book Award Winner

    Book Review

Reviewed by Barbara Fanson for Readers' Favorite

Carpet Snakes and Stick Insects: Extreme Pets! is a wonderful book by author J.R. Poulter. She explores two pets that you might not have thought about owning. Written in rhyming verse for grades 1 to 3, the book describes the benefits and disadvantages of owning a rare, extreme pet. Although you can’t play ball or run with a carpet snake, it will keep the rat and mice population down around your house. Did you know stick insects—or walking sticks—grow a new leg if they lose one? Did you know that carpet snakes do not have eyelids so they sleep with their eyes open. Carpet Snakes and Stick Insects: Extreme Pets! contains a lot of fun and interesting facts about two extreme pets: carpet snakes and stick insects.

The realistic renderings by illustrator Jonas Sahlstrom almost look like CGI renderings. The artwork is bold and colorful and adds so much to the look of this children’s picture book. The book also includes photos of stick insects, which can be brown or green and can blend into their surroundings. The fun story conveys interesting information without being a boring educational book. Author J.R. Poulter has created a must-have book for libraries, classrooms, and homes. Having worked in a circus and owned a variety of different pets, she is well-qualified to write on the subject of rare household pets. After reading this book, you might take another look at owning an exotic pet that you might not have realized could be a pet. This book compares the interesting advantages and disadvantages to owing a carpet snake or stick insect.