Chicanery in the Charente

Catherine Patterson Mysteries

Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth
246 Pages
Reviewed on 11/10/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite

Chicanery in the Charente (Catherine Patterson Mysteries) by GM Haley is an intriguing murder mystery. Catherine and her husband Karl run a charming chambre d'hotes in a small village in the southwest of France. The tourist season is almost over, and Catherine is happy to have four guests come to stay for an indefinite time. Monsieur Risot is very timid and skittish, and Monsieur Latou is garrulous about his house renovation. Mr. Colberry is a boisterous man who is there to buy antiques, and lastly there is Eva, a Dutch book collector. Leaving her eccentric guests in Karl's care, Catherine accompanies her friend, Marie, to a family gathering at a chateau in Charente. While attending the party, an old friend of Marie's is gunned down in front of them. Within hours a body is found on the banks of the Charente river, and when Catherine returns home, she discovers one of her guests has disappeared. Is it possible these three incidents are connected to Catherine's remaining guests or is she only seeing conspiracies where nothing exists?

Chicanery in the Charente (Catherine Patterson Mysteries) by GM Haley is a charming cozy mystery set in France. Along with the enchanting setting, there are fascinating historical facts about Charente and its involvement in the Second World War that enhance the storyline. This is the third book in the Catherine Patterson Mysteries, and some of the characters from previous books revisit in this one. Although this is a standalone book, reading the first two would be helpful in getting acquainted with all of the characters and what drives them. This is an entertaining mystery novel that will delight fans of sleuthing, mystery and murder.