Cinderella, Vampire Hunter

Scary Fairy Tales, Volume 3

Children - Fable
60 Pages
Reviewed on 03/17/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite

In Cinderella: Vampire Hunter by Pip Puddle, Cinderella gets to go to the ball with the help of her godmother, Aunt Agatha, a vampire hunting knight in somewhat tarnished full body armor. Instead of winning the Prince’s heart, however, Lucinda is supposed to be on the lookout for the Countess Carmilla, last of the vampire clan, who is responsible for girls missing from town. The ball goes on, but surprises await that have nothing to do with midnight! Returning home, Lucinda is unable to perform her duties around the house and Agatha goes to the castle to take care of business. After several days, when it is discovered that the step mother, a step sister and Agatha are all missing, Lucinda returns to the palace to see what has happened. With some quick thinking and Aunt Agatha’s superior skills, Lucinda is able to save the day and get some justice at the same time.

Lucinda, otherwise known as Cinderella, has a tough life and gets no respect in this intriguing new take on the traditional fairy tale. With a unique twist, Cinderella: Vampire Hunter by Pip Puddle pokes some fun at traditional fairy tales and monster stories and is a quick read suitable for middle school readers. This odd pairing of genres provides humor as well as some exciting action that holds your attention and makes you want to keep reading to see just what can possibly happen next. Great for a reluctant reader or anyone interested in a different way to tell an old tale, Cinderella: Vampire Hunter is a great story.