Dark Skies

The Order of the Anakim Book 2

Fiction - Fantasy - Urban
333 Pages
Reviewed on 05/31/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers' Favorite

Isabel is working as hard as she possibly can to keep the balance and train the Anakim for the battle that will come some day. What she doesn’t realize is that the day of the battle has come and the High Mother, The Oracle and The Omega are going to have to fight harder than any of them could have dreamed to destroy the demon army that has been fighting for centuries to bring their leader back to the realm of the humans. But will Elysia, Caleb, Jarron, Gina and all the rest be able to succeed, or will they find themselves sucked into the demon army, with no way to get out in Dark Skies: The Order of the Anakim Book 2 by Cecily Magnon.

This is a book that’s full of action and really draws you into the stories of more than just the ‘good guys.’ After all, there’s no way to really understand a story without seeing both sides, right? The characters are amazing and they’re well developed throughout the story. You get to know plenty of people, but you don’t feel like you’re missing anything. I would really be interested in reading the next book (and I’ve already looked for it actually). Dark Skies by Cecily Magnon is a story you’re going to enjoy reading and it’s got a great background. There’s a whole lot about these characters to make you want to continue reading, but you don’t need to read the prequel in order to understand what’s going on either. It’s definitely a book that anyone who loves magic, fantasy and more is going to love.