Divine Gamble

Divine Gamble

Romance - Historical
493 Pages
Reviewed on 09/05/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

Divine Gamble by Charlene Raddon is a wonderful story that combines elements of a thriller with romance to bring great entertainment home to readers. Maisy Macoubrie’s father was murdered when she was young and she was a witness to the crime. Fourteen years have gone by and she’s been on the run, hunted by the killer. What makes her situation even more complicated is that she has a son that she needs to protect. When she meets The Preacher, her life takes a dramatic turn, one she never saw coming. The Preacher has his own past, a life characterized by the pain of not having his own family and the love he’s always dreamed of. Now the two are on a romantic journey, bound by a strong connection and determined to fight against every vicissitude together. But can they outwit a man who has killed before and who will stop at nothing to see Maisy dead?

This is a fascinating story and readers who enjoy well-plotted stories with great characters can’t help being arrested by the beauty of the prose, lyrical, and exciting to the ears. Just listen to how the narrative opens: “Danger rode a howling wind into Pandora, Colorado, that autumn night. A gleeful desperado, the gale scoured the town's nooks, alleys, and yards. It iced window panes and froze puddles.” And nothing changes as one reads on. The story only grows in intensity and its quality of entertainment. I love books with great openings, but I always want to find out where the author wavers and comes across as though they never know exactly what they are writing about. It isn’t Charlene Raddon. She has the reader hooked from the very beginning of the story and creates characters they can’t ignore, characters who grow steadily with the reader’s interest in the story, and a plot that is as gripping as the conflict that moves the story forward. Divine Gamble is a rich work of art, a well-crafted piece of entertainment — absorbing and delightful to read!