Doctor Lucifer

Fiction - Thriller - Medical
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Reviewed on 04/25/2024
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Author Biography

Anthony Lee has a unique background in medicine. After graduating from medical school, he switched from clinical medicine to health technology assessment, analyzing new medical tests and treatments in a career spanning over 15 years.

As a writer, he found inspiration in a variety of literary works, both contemporary and classic. He has especially discovered the excitement of thriller novels, including medical thrillers by authors like Robin Cook and Tess Gerritsen, crime fiction by Michael Connelly, and Ian Fleming's James Bond novels. After years of brainstorming his own story ideas, he finally wrote and self-published his first medical thriller novel, Doctor Lucifer, in 2024.

When he is not writing, he enjoys things like music, movies, video games, sports, and travel. He lives in Northern California.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Doctor Lucifer is a work of fiction penned by author Anthony Lee in the medical thriller, suspense, and action genres. It is best suited to mature readers owing to the presence of strong language and violence throughout. This intense and gripping novel explores the terrifying intersection of cyberattacks and medical care as Dr. Mark Lin faces a hacker known as Doctor Lucifer, who manipulates medical records to harm patients. Despite Mark's efforts to defend himself and his patients, he is blamed for medication errors caused by the hacker. As Doctor Lucifer escalates the threat, Mark must navigate a world of technological warfare and personal vendettas to stop the cybercriminal's deadly actions.

Author Anthony Lee has a real knack for tension, crafting an exhilarating dive into the world of cybercrime and medical suspense that successfully blends elements of thriller and wider social commentary on the vulnerabilities of modern technology. This solid foundation of realistic and well-thought-out concepts allows the character-driven drama to shine. The character of Dr. Mark Lin, with his cynicism and determination to protect his patients, captivated me from the start, and he was well-drawn with close narration and excellent speech and thought presentation. Lee's depiction of cyberattacks and their real-world consequences added a chilling layer of realism to the story, and the pacing was superb as Mark raced against time to stop Doctor Lucifer at all costs. There are plenty of those heart-in-your-throat moments to captivate suspense and mystery fans alike, and the novel's deft exploration of ethical dilemmas and the dark side of humanity was both compelling and thought-provoking. Overall, I would highly recommend Doctor Lucifer to medical thriller readers everywhere, and I eagerly anticipate future work from this accomplished author.

Susan van der Walt

In Doctor Lucifer by Anthony Lee, the world has barely recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic and is ill-prepared for a cyber pandemic. Lucifer Worm is a disastrous virus infiltrating computer systems and creating backdoors for hackers to hack into otherwise secure systems. Mark Lin is an internist with an immaculate track record until unexpected events turn his world upside down. Within a matter of hours, he lost a patient, another patient's condition worsened, and he had to be sent to ICU. At the same time, he barely saved a third from disaster. He soon suspects that there might be a connection between Lucifer Worm and the strange events affecting his patients.

Even though Doctor Lucifer is a medical thriller, Anthony Lee does an excellent job of combining it with cybercrime. I love the way the author starts the narrative—we meet an unknown doctor and get a look into his thoughts, making us suspect he is Doctor Lucifer. However, it turns out he is the protagonist, Dr. Mark Lin. The author builds suspense with the conflict between the good-natured internist, Dr. Lin, and the surly surgeon, Dr. Samuel Pierson - the typical clash of personalities in a high-pressure medical environment. The ominous Doctor Lucifer is constantly lurking in the background, ready to unleash havoc on Mark's patients as he continuously races to anticipate and thwart Doctor Lucifer's next move. I recommend this book to readers who love medical or cybercrime thrillers. Readers will enjoy the unique cybercrime twist author Anthony Lee adds to this medical thriller.

Angelique Papayannopoulos

Doctor Lucifer by Anthony Lee is a compelling medical thriller. The tale revolves around Dr. Mark Lin, a diligent and caring physician. However, unfortunate events occur at Ivory Memorial Hospital, where three of his patients fall ill as a result of wrong medications allegedly prescribed by Mark. Meanwhile, a cyber virus has infected computer systems worldwide, crippling security networks, including the hospital’s. The chief hacker, who goes under the name Doctor Lucifer, is intentionally targeting Mark’s patients in an attempt to ruin his reputation. Unusual life-and-death situations emerge as medical records and prescriptions are intentionally manipulated, using the hospital’s internal systems, generating fear among medical professionals and patients. The evidence appears to point to Mark’s irresponsibility, which a vindictive widow and an egocentric surgeon exacerbate. Mark must defend his dignity and reputation by outwitting a cunning hacker and preventing further patient attacks.

Doctor Lucifer is an exhilarating and frightening medical thriller that paints a terrifying picture of the realities of a cyber pandemic and the severe consequences that can result. Anthony Lee probes into the character portraits of both medical staff and patients. The narrative of medical disorders and treatments is thoroughly researched and meticulously portrayed. The clever plot is engaging, and each chapter flows into the next, enthralling the reader with what will happen next. This story is characterized by themes of good versus evil, courage, and perseverance. Doctor Lucifer is an innovative cliffhanger novel full of mystery, suspense, danger, and action. This book will keep the reader guessing about the villain's identity and surprise them as the events unfold. Fans of crime novels and medical thrillers will find this story both intriguing and entertaining.

Alma Boucher

In Doctor Lucifer, a medical thriller by Anthony Lee, Dr. Mark Lin, an internist at Ivory Memorial Hospital, is well-known for his compassionate patient care. Due to the Lucifer Worm, which had compromised computer systems all across the world and wreaked havoc and devastation everywhere, people were facing a cyber pandemic. By breaking into the system and changing prescriptions, Doctor Lucifer was purposefully endangering Mark's patients and setting Mark up to take the fall. Mark was determined to fight off any attack on his career and reputation as he collaborated with the hospital's IT personnel to outwit the hacker and prevent a series of medical emergencies. Mark was left with no choice but to track down and confront Doctor Lucifer to clear his name and prevent any consequences.

Anthony Lee's Doctor Lucifer is a captivating story that transported me to the medical world and gave me insights into the challenges encountered by medical practitioners. I felt like I was part of the story and that I had direct experience with the events, thanks to the vivid and descriptive writing style. I was impressed by Mark’s determination to outwit Doctor Lucifer, and he developed as a result of having to face his fears and uncertainties. This was a masterfully written story that kept me interested and made me want to turn the pages as fast as I could. With all the twists and turns, I never knew what would happen next and was guessing until the end. I was very surprised to learn who Doctor Lucifer was; I did not see that coming.

Frank Mutuma

In Doctor Lucifer by Anthony Lee, Mark's life was not easy growing up. He lost his mother at a young age, and most of his peers avoided him while others bullied him. But one thing was clear: he was going to become a medical doctor, encouraged by his parents. After many years of rigorous training and various struggles, he gets his medical license and certification to practice internal medicine. Currently, he is working at Ivory Memorial Hospital, but unlike what he has grown up believing, his problems don't end there. He has to deal with colleagues like Dr. Pierson who are rude, even to patients. On a global scale, people are fighting a cyber pandemic, and this same hacker is now targeting Mark's patients. Can Doctor Lucifer be defeated, and how will Mark cope with this unrelenting pressure?

Once you start reading Doctor Lucifer by Anthony Lee, there is no putting it down. The steady narration and the well-crafted dialogues kept me glued to my couch, looking forward to reading the subsequent events. I loved how the novel captured what people think about the medical profession and the reality on the ground that doctors go through. I also loved how Anthony used sarcasm when comparing computers to the medical profession. This thought-provoking work also got me thinking about issues like healthcare systems and the role and dangers of technology. The characters were also well-developed and relatable, which contributed to the overall beauty of the book. I look forward to reading something else by Anthony Lee.

Anthony Lee

As the author of this book, I am very pleased that all five Readers' Favorite reviewers who read it have given it 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you so much!

This is a story that I have worked very hard on with great excitement. It interweaves a thrilling plot related to medicine, a character study of an antihero physician, and themes related to the medical profession and society at large. My hope is that every reader takes something away from the book, whatever it may be, and leave feeling satisfied after reaching the last page.

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