Dominica's Inferno

Fiction - Drama
193 Pages
Reviewed on 10/05/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

Born to difficult and lazy parents, Dominica Moore lives in a kind of hell, with abuse and rejection. She feels like rebelling against everyone. She wasn’t born with her bread buttered for her, and besides the pressure she experiences from her domineering parents, she also suffers from rejection from her peers in school. Her heart wrenching story takes readers on an emotional ride through the difficult episodes of her life, from working at the Junior Burger Restaurant to support her studies and family when she is not in school to losing a brother. In her solitude, Dominica seeks refuge in God, but she loses her faith in God with the passing of her brother. She develops a supernatural connection with her brother, and feels his presence as though he were a guardian angel. But is that enough to fill the void in her heart?

Dominica's Inferno by Joanna Maharis is a story that readers will be familiar with, a story that is played out in the lives of many young people, driven by rejection and pushed to the wall. The story is psychologically and emotionally rich and the reader will easily connect with the protagonist. Although there is a lot of explaining in the story, the first person narrative grabs the reader’s attention powerfully and pulls them into the world of the protagonist. The language is polished and the author has a unique narrative style which allows her voice to ring strongly in the reader’s ears. Dominica's Inferno explores the dynamics of family and friendship and follows a woman’s journey in search of acceptance. Joanna Maharis conveys the message that human connections are vital to a healthy, fulfilling life. Her characters are well developed and readers will want to know what happens to them in the story.