For Nicky

Romance - Contemporary
340 Pages
Reviewed on 11/03/2014
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite

For Nicky is the story of Nate and Elizabeth, but also their siblings, Nicky and Aubrey. Nate has spent much of his life protecting his brother from bullies and those who would treat him differently due to his disability. Nicky is grateful for his brother’s love and loyalty, but he also sees the toll it has taken on him and decides that his friend Elizabeth would be perfect for his twin. Although they only meet to appease Nicky, there is some surprising chemistry between them, which has the potential to upset both of their lives. A.D. Ellis did a fantastic job with this story, creating much more than a romance. Nate is a protector through and through and that is exactly what Elizabeth needs after years of putting up with her poisonous sister, Aubrey. Her view of herself is completely warped, thanks to Aubrey’s machinations, and she is reluctant to invest in Nathan lest her sister steal him away.

I have to say that this book was a very pleasant surprise. For Nicky is a well-rounded story that has many different layers to it. While it is a romance at its heart, it is also a social lesson about bullying, abuse and self-image. While every story needs a villain, Aubrey played that role perfectly. She is a detestable human being who should be in prison. But as awful as she was, A.D. Ellis made Nicky just amazing. He is adorable, strong and so giving it will make you cry. He maneuvered a meeting between Libby and Nate because he wanted his brother to stop pushing people away and get the happiness he truly deserved.