Fresh Sobbing Winds

Fiction - Science Fiction
408 Pages
Reviewed on 08/10/2014
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Author Biography

Long time contributor to major movies, in the domain of research and development in the visual arts as well as visual effects, Pierre Bunikiewicz has inspired and often gave vision to movie makers and crews and helped draft and design stories that are box office hits. A simple internet search will bring up some of the major movie titles with which Pierre was involved. Beyond the purely aesthetical and silver screen personality, we uncover an author who can bring a story that explores deep issues while taking the reader along with the characters on a threatening trip into a scary immortal world...

    Book Review

Reviewed by Kayti Nika Raet for Readers' Favorite

In Fresh Sobbing Winds by Pierre Bunikiewicz, immortality is a disease like the common cold, but with worse side-effects. In the city of Norangeles, no one can die but everyone ages and more and more people are succumbing to the disease of Nasclerosits, an advanced stage of the Immodlo-Virus where victims turn into the living dead and are sent to the Mines where they are never heard from again. Luckily, in this world overpopulation isn’t a problem as the disease of immortality renders most of its carriers sterile and there are harsh Sterility Laws that deter most couples from conceiving. But there is a rogue faction of rebels who are against the Sterility Laws and believe in a special woman, the ‘Sheen,’ who has the ability to birth the child that will save them all. In a gritty novel that seems to be a mix of other darkly futuristic science fiction novels like 1984 and Children of Men, Pierre Bunikiewicz explores what could happen when the one thing we take for granted – death - is taken away from us.

Fresh Sobbing Winds by Pierre Bunikiewicz is an interesting novel, one in which the plot and premise draw you in more than the actual characters. Sometimes I did feel a little left behind as the book jumped from one micro chapter to another and certain scenes and conflicts felt a little unresolved. Despite that, Fresh Sobbing Winds by Pierre Bunikiewicz is a novel that kept me thinking about its premise long after I finished reading.