How To Score

Romance - Contemporary
404 Pages
Reviewed on 04/07/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Meet  Sammi, museum curator.  What is there about her and the men she dates?

Seems she puts them all on the injury list--either a black eye, breaking another’s ribs …Is she just a klutz, or does she get so nervous on a date she Murphy’s Law prevails in  her life.

Seems personal help is on the menu. As she finds “Her Life Coach”, Luke Jones, his advice seems to help her. When she meets Sexy FBI Agent Chase Jones, he seems to know  just what she needs.

Luke Jones, Chase Jones………Yep. Brothers. Luke is in a witness protection program, and big brother offers to take over his clients for him while he is out of pocket,  so to speak.

With Chase dating Sammi by night and her life coach advising her during the day, will she find out who he really is?  She  has already  injured him a few times.  Will he still want to be with her?  Will she feel cheated if she learns the truth about him?

This is a delightful mixture of humor and romance that will keep you turning the pages. This is my first time of reading a book by this author.  She knows how to keep the story line going.

P. Wechsler

This book was a great read, Sammi and Chase made this book. I laughed, and I felt sad. The other people in the story Walter Landry, Arlene Arnette, I felt sad for them. Walter never made time for his wife, he felt it after she was gone. Arlene spent her whole life in love with a man who was married and did not lover her at all. He used her, and she let him. Walter and Arlene take their own problems and put them on Sammi. Chase is coaching her as he dates, which makes for some funny moments in this book.

M. Lapus

Sammi Matthews has had awful luck with men. After the bad breakup with her ex- eighteen months ago, Sammi has somehow injured every man that she's been interested in. A black eye, a broken rib, and a broken leg, it is no wonder that she's ready to see a life coach to get her love life in order. So, drawn to an ad in the newspaper, Sammi calls Luke for help.

FBI Special Agent Chase Jones is Luke's older brother. He's also the reason that Luke has had to go into Witness Protection for a few months. To make up for the upheaval in his brother's life, Chase agrees to takeover some of Luke's clients. As he talks Sammi through her problems and trust issues, he's drawn to her. Against his common sense, Chase finds a way to see Sammi - then he falls for her and somehow it's never the right time to tell her that Luke and Chase are the same man.

How to Score read like a fun romantic comedy movie. As a leading man, Chase was very likable with his slightly obsessive drive for neatness and control, his difficult childhood and great looks. I can clearly see why Sammi would take it into her hands to get his attention. Sammi sounded like a wonderful fit for Chase as well with her warmth, generosity, and passion for life. The situation is a bit difficult to swallow, but if you suspend your disbelief, How to Score is a fun summer read.