Life Your Way

Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-Paced World

Non-Fiction - Health - Fitness
200 Pages
Reviewed on 09/01/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Alice H. for Readers' Favorite

Life Your Way by Amy Wood is a practical self-help for those feeling overwhelmed in a fast-paced world in which information is overly abundant and time is scarce. The author divides her chapters into areas which affect most people who work in the professional world where decisions must be made rapidly and effectively. It is first important to get a prospective on why you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Sometimes the problems run deep and are long standing in duration. At other times, the problems may be situational and simply overlooked because other demands appear to be of greater importance. It is essential for the stressed individual to realize what is working and what is not working so that ineffective and time-patterned habits can be discarded and replaced with a more effective means of interacting socially and in the work place.

The author notes that sometimes people must be reeled in from overly-rigid expectations, and at other times, reserved individuals need to be introduced to greater risk taking within their own comfort zones. Probably the best chapter in the book was on the importance of emotional intelligence; it was a bit disappointing that more time was not spent on that subject, particularly as the author identified it as the primary motivation for most socially successful individuals.

This is an easy book to read and is filled with practical advice, which will appeal to those feeling overwhelmed by the demands of modern day society. As with many self-help books, you need to hear the right words from the right teacher. The author teaches well and should gather many students who will respond well to her practical and timely advice.