Love at the Salted Caramel Cafe

A deliciously sweet romance in the VA mountains

Romance - Contemporary
183 Pages
Reviewed on 01/07/2022
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lexie Fox for Readers' Favorite

Love at the Salted Caramel Café is the latest romance novel by author Angie Ellington. This book is a contemporary tale set in scenic Virginia and follows Sierra Blake as she returns home after a break-up leads to her losing her job. Sierra is a lovely leading lady for a romance story like this, someone who thought they had all the boxes ticked for happiness but found herself wanting and is now looking for something real. Her relationship with her sister Roxie is dynamic and deep and lends a wonderfully warm undertone to the story that the rest of the characters build on in turn.

Complementing the leading lady is geologist Wes Carter, who Angie Ellington wastes no time in establishing as a perfect match for Sierra. Like her, Wes has been drawn to the area by its charm and homeliness – an aura that the author’s descriptive prose creates so strongly that I found myself considering moving there too! There’s a charming and very human feel to the characters in Love at the Salted Caramel Café, each of whom represents a stage in life where we step away from the pre-planned route to happiness and start to find our own paths. Whether those be through romance, reconnecting with family, or rediscovering the things that bring you happiness, this book captures the romanticism of opening your heart to second chances and allowing the world to show you what it has to offer. You’ll buy this book because you love well-crafted romance stories, but you’ll get hooked on it by the beautiful descriptions of the mountains and the promise that happiness could be right around the corner for all of us.