Love is Just a Planet Away

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Reviewed on 07/07/2022
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Reviewed by Alma Boucher for Readers' Favorite

In Love is Just a Planet Away by Eva Phillips, Luca tries his best to persuade Ava to move to Earth-Two with him. Nobody will know them there, and they can start all over again. She admitted that she was thinking about moving. She was not sure if they could deal with the consequences of emigration. Ava is accused in the media of having an affair with Julian. She admitted to Luca that she had kissed Julian and enjoyed it. But she receives a parcel addressed to her with photos and a letter from her blackmailer. To escape the blackmailer, she decides to move to Earth-Two. There were only three couples in first class: Luca, Ava, Kate, Victor, Rita, and Max. They become friends during their flight, but when Max went missing, everything turned upside down for them.

The plot in Love is Just a Planet Away by Eva Phillips is complex and exciting. It is a fascinating read and kept my interest from the beginning. The story is fast-paced and full of action, and I enjoyed the many twists and turns. There was always a surprise waiting around the corner. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. I just kept turning the pages to find out what was going to happen. I enjoyed going back and forth between Earth-One and Earth-Two. The characters were well developed and skillfully handled. They are authentic and unique, and I could relate to them. The story is well written and Eva Phillips’s imagination and writing skills made me feel part of these two worlds. The ending was nothing like I expected, and it caught me totally off guard.

Sadiyah Bhamjee

Ava O’Hara lives the glamorous life of a celebrity but decides to give it all up for a chance to fix her relationship with the celebrity sports star, Luca. Love is Just a Planet Away follows the journey of Ava who moves a whole planet away, to Earth2, to rekindle her love for Luca. Earth2 is a utopia with no crime, disease, or disasters and the perfect place to start a new life - if you have the money. As Ava deals with moving to Earth2, a new friend goes missing. Author Eva Phillips explores the human condition as Ava faces these new challenges. Is anything or anyone as they seem? Is Earth2 the perfect paradise it claims to be? Be ready for drama around every corner and a fantastic tale!

I loved the twists at every turn. Love is Just a Planet Away is a wonderful creation with incredible attention to detail. The ideas are carefully considered and add depth to the story and the world of the novel. I love the everyday innovations that make Earth2 exciting. I’ll let you find out what they are because the surprise is half the fun! I love the blend of sci-fi, mystery, thriller, romance, and drama that Eva Phillip has created. The balance of genres creates suspense and makes the novel even more captivating. The exploration of human psychology is intriguing and kept me hooked. I wanted to know why people did what they did as much as I wanted to know who did it!

Asher Syed

Love is Just a Planet Away by Eva Phillips is a women's science fiction novel that follows a woman named Ava who boldly goes where no reader has gone before: to another planet. Ava is in a less than ideal relationship but, as it is for most, love leaves us blind and clinging to the hope that someone can change. And if that can't be done on Earth, why not give it a shot on Earth2? At least that's what the British starlet footballing boyfriend and soon-to-be fiancé Luca says. After some careful consideration, Ava makes the move in the hope of a fresh start on a new planet. Unfortunately, as she soon learns, the phrase 'location, location, location' does not apply to one's love life, professional life, or, really, any other part of life. In fact, when push comes to shove, Ava ends up surrounded by more hot water than she could have ever imagined and most of it comes down to three words: brain-change-business. “Are you trying to say that the problem is not the planet, but me? Does it really come down to such an obvious and trivial statement?”

I admit I did a light-speed fly-by, passing Eva Phillips' Love is Just a Planet Away more than once before I picked it up and decided to give it a go. In the interests of full disclosure, I am a man and while I like female-centric stories, the idea of love on another planet wasn't exactly my cup of synthetic coffee. But ... I loved it! Truly. It's witty and engaging and hilarious. The best way I can describe it is a rom-com science fiction story without any 'pew-pew-pew' space opera-ing. It could probably be located on Earth, although Earth2 definitely kicks the tension up a notch, given that one cannot simply catch the next spaceship out. The intrigue elements of a shady business that Ava gets ensnarled in by a mere arm's length offer an extra layer of oomph to the story of her fiasco of a love life. Bridget Jones in space? Maybe. Recommended as a summer read? Absolutely!

Foluso Falaye

It's 2025, and celebrity couple Ava and Luca find themselves plagued by rumors about a scandal. To escape the relentless, unforgiving media, they consider moving to another planet entirely. In Love is Just a Planet Away, Earth has a twin named Earth2, which is available to anyone who can afford the expensive travel cost. After the couple lands in E2, they face different challenges: a friend goes missing, Ava might be falling for another friend, Ava can't get a job, and finding who to trust is a Herculean task because many dirty lies are being exposed at an alarming rate. Eva Phillips' Love is Just a Planet Away depicts two lovers who escape celebrity life on Earth only to battle a plethora of problems on a different planet.

Whether it's the "24-Carat facial and pearl dust pedicure" or the five-course dinner, Love is Just a Planet Away has a satisfying serving of luxury for fans who enjoy following the glitz and glamour of celebrityhood. The shocking gossip and scandal rumors keep you guessing and engaged until the very last page. Ava, a highly perceptive and determined character, reveals some real struggles of celebrities, like how she can fly to the most expensive cities but can't escape "photo-hunters". Sci-fi enthusiasts are in for a treat as the book contains many creative concepts, like fear-blocking pills and buying and selling IQ. Like a child with a new toy, I was fascinated by the story and how mind-blowing its combination of romance and sci-fi was. I feel cheated that I'm just discovering Eva, and I can't keep calm until I read all her books!

Vincent Dublado

Love is Just a Planet Away by Eva Phillips is a moving sci-fi love story that would adapt well to the big screen. Reading about thirty-year-old TV star Ava O’Hara listening to her boyfriend talking about leaving it all, going to bed, and waking up on a different planet and starting all over again immediately preps you for excitement as Ava confesses to feeling the same way. Luca is a football star, and they have been going out for three years. As celebrities, they have gotten used to a certain amount of juicy gossip about their relationship. But where do you draw the line when a carefully fabricated story crops up? Earth2 is the perfect refuge for the celebrity couple to get away from it all, a planet that is largely similar to Earth in all respects except that there are no wars, famine, diseases, and natural disasters. But as they reach E2, they will realize that utopia doesn’t necessarily mean a problem-free existence.

Love is Just a Planet Away's futuristic premise effectively sets the stage for an adventurous love story about a couple trying to get away from prying and voyeuristic elements. Ava and Luca’s conversations pique reader interest as they are diverse in content ranging from mundane concerns to those with troubling depths. As for the setting, author Eva Phillips amps up the thrill of escapism by providing an alternative world that playfully appeals to our paradisiac ideals—the perfect setting for a love story. Phillips’s narrative also creates moments of upsetting heartaches, as in the couple’s shattered expectations that lead them to shocking discoveries. But these heartbreaking events are what make the story a testing ground as to how sympathetic the main characters are, and you understand the sentiment that Ava and Luca reserve for their fame. It’s a great must-read that combines romance and science fiction.