Marked By Passion

The Guardians of Destiny

Romance - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
400 Pages
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Upon the death of her father Gabrielle (Gabe) inherits 1 or 5 scrolls. If the scrolls are joined the power would have catastrophic consequences. Gabe is the reluctant guardian of the “Earth” scroll. Not only does she have to guard the scroll she also has to put up with her father’s nagging spirit.   Along comes British hunk and guardian of the “Fire” scroll, Rhys. Gabe’s brother Paul shows up with an offer to help her. Who can she trust?

Kate Perry offers an entertaining fantasy to her readers. This is book one in the new series, “The Guardians of Destiny.” The characters are what makes this story. Gabe is not your typical hero. She is an artist working on a exhibit that could make or break her career. She waits bar to make ends meet. A great power is within her and she does not know how to control it. The scroll is the last thing she wants in her life. Being a guardian means putting her dreams aside. Her brother Paul is a jealous wolf in sheep’s clothing. Rhys is the unknown. Can she trust him? Her heart says yes. If you like fantasy you will enjoy Marked By Passion.

Cynseer Booklover

Author Kate Perry enters the paranormal genre with a wonderful new series that will delight all lovers of things that go bump in the night....especially as it invokes a certain sense of expectation and a need to turn the page to see what happens next. I found the book had moments of truly eerie spookiness, hot sensuality and a plot that I believe will catch on and rank up there with a few of my favorite series written by authors J.R. Ward, Marjorie M Liu, Nalini Singh, Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kim Harrison. I eat up the spooky, the unknown, the spark of fear that comes with the thought "what if?" that you get sometimes in the middle of a great paranormal story. I heartily recommend all to get a copy of Marked by Passion and settle in for some great reading. Kudos to Ms Perry!!

K. Herbrand

Gabe had left her family and her heritage behind 15 years ago - after her mother had died - for which she was responsible. She was now a bartender at The Pour House and an aspiring artist. With her first showing in a few weeks, all she had to worry about was finishing the paintings in the series - or so she thought.

When the package arrived, she assumed it was the contract for her showing - until she discovered it was accompanied by a ghost! The ghost of her father, Wu, no less. It came as a shock to her to realize that her father was dead, but she had put her family and heritage behind her long ago - and now they were back.

The package contained a scroll and she had just become it's guardian. Tu ch'i - the power that accompanied the scroll - began to surge inside her. Wu had come to teach her how to control her power before it controlled - or worse - destroyed her.

Two more men entered her life within days of receiving the scroll. Her older brother, Paul, who had always felt he should be the one destined to be the Guardian, but without the birthmark, it was not his destiny. And then Rhys - who was handsome, rich, powerful - and could calm Gabe's tu ch'i with just a kiss.

I have not read a lot of paranormal books, but they are quickly becoming my favorite. Kate Perry gives her characters such life. Even though it was a paranormal - I felt like these were people you could actually find at the corner bar. The chemistry between Gabe and Rhys sizzled off the page!

In addition to Gabe, Wu, Paul and Rhys there is also Jesse - Gabe's ex-boyfriend from a year ago, Carrie - another bartender and the epitome of the Midwestern girl next door and Vivian, the buxom bartender you love to hate. These people rounded out the story and helped to give it a realistic flair.

If you like paranormal, you will like this book - if you like romance, this book will also appeal to you. If you like both - then this will be a true winner!