Mozzi Presents: Every Day's a Party

Kids Rhymes on Happy Life, Family, Friends and Dogs

Children - Animals
35 Pages
Reviewed on 03/20/2019
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Author Biography

Merav has two great loves which have stayed with her ever since she was a young girl-writing (mainly poetry) and dogs (all kinds!). Over the years, she has found various ways to express these passions. About a decade ago, out of a desire to respond to and grow her love for those creatures, she became a professional in training and behavioral treatment for dogs. As part of that, Merav began incorporated her second great love--writing on topics connected with the world of dogs, both for children and for adults.
As a firm believer that raising dogs and observing their behavior can teach us many important life lessons, she decided to write a series of rhyming books for children which use dogs' world. The purpose of the books is to share with a younger generation valuable life lessons in compassion, responsibility, generosity, and acceptance. Thus, Mozzi was born, along with this new series of books.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Meet Mozzi the dog who was born one spring. Now he is three, grown up, and clever. Mozzi is celebrating his birthday and his dad has got him a brand new toy, a Frisbee, and he is very happy with it. He thinks the wishes of all his friends are funny. Mozzi's daily routine is organized and he schedules his day when he gets up in the morning. Mozzi likes to show off his tail which is glorious and slightly sleek, and the best way to know what dogs think is by looking at their tails. Mozzi is always polite when he greets his family and dances with joy if they bring him gifts.

Mozzi Presents: Every Day's a Party by Merav Gamliel Boschan is a beautiful story told in rhyming verse, and the poems connect with each other perfectly in telling the story of Mozzi and his views on life. The poems teach readers compassion, kindness, acceptance, generosity, and love through the eyes of Mozzi, and will also encourage child readers to try their hand at writing rhyming verses. Books like this are good for children to help them understand good values and positive messages easily when explained with the help of lovable characters and a story. The illustrations breathe life into the character of Mozzi and give clarity to the concept. It is a good book to have in school libraries and in a personal collection at home because of the good values it teaches children with the help of Mozzi's character.