My North Star Misled Me

My North Star Misled Me

Poetry - Inspirational
68 Pages
Reviewed on 08/24/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite

My North Star Misled Me is a book of prose and poetry, written by Sarah Lamar King. A line contained within the lyrics to Hole Inside, My North Star Misled Me is an emotional journey of soul-seeking, slowly working through the pain, sorrow and shattered trust to which so many succumb in life. Tragedies can crush or strengthen you from within, but as each one steals a part of you, which leaves you feeling hollow, the shadow effect of the emotions contained in the pages veils those feelings from others.

In reading Sarah Lamar King’s new book, I gained a new insight into a world filled with heartache, strength and misery, but where a warrior lives to fight through yet another day. My North Star Misled Me reveals a glimmer of hope, the flame of which is quickly extinguished as darkness takes over. I felt my own world toss and turn, as emotions rocked through my soul with each new poem. It left me feeling raw, stripped of all armor, yet able to take on the world with a whole new strength which has been injected into my veins. In all of my years working in literature, I have never come across any works which have affected me so deeply – so personally. While tinged with a mild taste of Goth, Sarah’s works force the reader to look within their own lives and to emote, examining each emotion as it is stretched to a limit never thought possible.

Heartbreaking, yet so uplifting, My North Star Misled Me is a book not to be missed by literary gluttons who simply cannot get enough of a good verse, rhyme, haiku, lyric and more. I will be reading this one again and again, as it will be taking its rightful place on my bookshelf with the very best literature I have read to this day.