Nurturing Neurodivergence

The Late-Identified Adults' Guide to Building Healthy Relationships with Self and Others

Non-Fiction - Self Help
148 Pages
Reviewed on 12/17/2023
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Author Biography

Jasmine is a multiply neurodivergent licensed psychologist working from her psychology practice in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to providing professional supervision to students and other professionals, she works with clients across the neurodiverse spectrum in the context of both psychotherapy and assessment. Working with neurodivergent clients and culturally and linguistically diverse clients are her main areas of professional interest. Outside of work, her special interests include restoring old furniture and doing pyrography on wood in her woman cave. Jasmine’s author website is located at and her psychologist website at

    Book Review

Reviewed by Adanna Ora for Readers' Favorite

Neurodivergence is a non-medical term used to describe people whose brains function differently from typical brains and can include conditions such as autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Many people spend their lives living with undiagnosed neurodivergent conditions. They are often ignorant of this fact and have no explanation for why certain things happen to them. They feel condemned, sad, lonely, and frustrated with life. Jasmine K.Y. Loo aims to help people with such conditions identify and discover themselves, understand themselves better, and find a way to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life. She uses her book, Nurturing Neurodivergence, to achieve this. In Nurturing Neurodivergence, the author introduces readers to the world of autism and ADHD. She helps us identify the symptoms, the cause, and how to live with it. Jasmine also shows us how neurodivergent people/autistic people/ADHDers can build better relationships with themselves and their loved ones, devoid of abuse and pain.

Nurturing Neurodivergence is everything an informative book should be. Apart from its colorful and beautiful packaging, it is loaded with information that could transform one’s life. An activity section at the end of every chapter is where readers can reflect and answer honestly about how the topics relate to their personal lives. The author’s writing style is simple and straight to the point, using good illustrations to aid one’s understanding. Nurturing Neurodivergence also has diagrams explaining certain points that I am sure readers will understand better, coupled with links to more information on the web. Jasmine K.Y. Loo’s Nurturing Neurodivergence is power-packed with liberating words and contents that can make life worth living and enjoyable. I recommend it to neurodivergent readers and their loved ones to help them identify, understand, and seek better ways to help their conditions.