Plants, Potions & Oils For Horses

Plants, Potions & Oils For Horses

Non-Fiction - Animals
95 Pages
Reviewed on 04/30/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Plants, Potions & Oils For Horses is a non-fiction alternative medicine book for treating horses written by Chris Dyer. This book is the revision of his 1999 book by the same name. Dyer cautions the reader at the outset that his book does not purport to eliminate the need for veterinarian care, but it does introduce a number of alternative and natural remedies that are time-tested. Dyer has worked with horses for most of his life, and he’s benefited from his interactions with older horsemen and Romany gypsies, who shared their knowledge of natural remedies with him. His first chapter presents an alphabetical listing of herbs and plants, with their Latin names, full color photographs, health benefits and cautions, and where to find them. The second chapter discusses food items commonly found in your kitchen, such as bananas, butter and turnips, and how they can be used as natural cures. The third chapter discusses the cures Dyer learned from his interactions with Romany gypsies, including the uses for cold tea, cobwebs and stout. The next section of the book goes into detail on the uses of essential oils, selection of base oils, preparation of specific blends, massage techniques and aromatherapy, which can help heal muscular injuries, relieve stress, cleanse wounds and treat infections. The book concludes with insights into the nature of horses, how to learn from them, and interact with them most fully.

Chris Dyer’s non-fiction alternative medicine book for treating horses, Plants, Potions & Oils For Horses, is an invaluable guide to plants, herbs and oils, whether you own a horse or simply care about your own well-being. I’ve been interested in herbal medicine and natural healing for many years and was most impressed with the thoroughness of the information Dyer gives on each of the herbs he discusses. The color photographs of the herbs covered in the first section are marvelous and will be very useful for those who want to identify the plants in the wild. As I read through that first section, I was mentally compiling a list of herbs I’d be looking for in the future and reconsidering those I was currently using. His work on essential oils, carriers and their uses is likewise well-presented and packed with relevant information. While I’m not a horse owner, I am very much a fan of those remarkable animals and am fortunate in having my neighbor’s three horses nearby. Dyer’s chapter, Look and Learn, or Being a Horseman, is an invaluable guide that has helped me understand a lot more about horses and how to relate to them. Plants, Potions & Oils For Horses is most highly recommended.