Put On Your Crown

Life Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom

Non-Fiction - Autobiography
208 Pages
Reviewed on 06/17/2010
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Robert Rose for Readers' Favorite

I was pleased to do a review of Queen Latifah’s 4 CD’s about her life.”PUT on YOUR CROWN: Life Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom" fits what I do on my radio show. I interview people who have the courage and intelligence to change their life and the lives of others.

My bias in her favor aside, she has powerfully done what the title says. She begins by talking about how lucky she was to have a father,mother, and older brother who treated her as a unique and talented individual. They all helped her discover and develop her abilities. She hunted, fished, and played sports with her dad and brother. Her mother never discouraged this, but was a model of femininity so Dana stayed grounded as girl and woman even when she was a tomboy who could defeat boys in most activities.

She admits that her life was easier than the girls who live in poverty or don’t have the family she had. Yet, her life was not without problems. The death of her beloved brother,while still in his twenties, still leaves a hole in her heart. Her quick ascension to prominence in the arts was fraught with temptations. She doesn’t hesitate to admit what she did and its effects on her.

She tried not to be surrounded by yes ma’am, fake friends and colleagues, and she was fortunate to have many real people who were there for her. It didn’t save her from some of the problems most famous people face. The book is worth sharing in homes and classrooms from fourth grade to the university level. She gives advice from her heart and experience in areas dealing realistically and bravely with your fears, empowering yourself, honestly facing and being financially responsible, protecting yourself in a sexual world, forgiving yourself and others, choosing not to drink or use drugs or using them sensibly. She makes a strong point about having the internal strength to say no to people and situations that you know are unhealthy for you. She is the model of a queen who leads by example, not a parent who says do what I say, not what I do.