Quit Crying and Keep Trying

Quit Crying and Keep Trying

Struggles and Triumphs on the Journey to me.

Non-Fiction - Memoir
105 Pages
Reviewed on 05/09/2017
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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Quit Crying and Keep Trying: Struggles and Triumphs on the Journey to Me is a non-fiction memoir written by Fabian D. Robinson. Robinson grew up in the Westmoreland area of Jamaica, an agricultural area that was defined by sugarcane production. While his grandmother ensured that he went to school, where he frequently got in trouble for his propensity to make mischief, like many other children in the area, he also learned to cut cane at an early age. Robinson’s father was a policeman who never failed to stress the importance of an education for achieving a better quality of life, and his mother was a businesswoman who owned and operated a bar and grocery, but it was Mim, his grandmother, who was the central figure in his life. Mim had raised nine of her own children and many of her grandchildren as well. No one was ever turned away from her door, whether they were friends or total strangers. Robinson was fourteen when Mim passed away, leaving him bereft and shattered. Now, twenty years on, Robinson has a family of his own with a son who is fourteen and a five-year-old daughter. He is providing for his family and successfully brought them to the United States. This book details how he did that.

Fabian D. Robinson’s inspirational non-fiction memoir, Quit Crying and Keep Trying, is a frank and moving account of the author’s perseverance and resilience in fulfilling his and his father’s dream of upward mobility. I loved reading his stories about the big, black van which propelled his first business venture as a purveyor of fruits and his foray into farming. Likewise his stories about his educational experiences are fascinating, even those frustrating times when he experienced the inevitable snags in transferring credits and having his teaching degree accepted in the United States. I was pleased to learn that Robinson had completed his studies at the State University of New York’s Empire State College, an institution I’m very familiar with and endorse wholeheartedly. Robinson never did stop trying and his story is a marvelous tribute to his determination. Quit Crying and Keep Trying is most highly recommended.

Derek Carr

The book is a great read and it's very inspirational to me as someone whose an aspiring writer as well. Mr. Robinson made me feel as if I was living his experience with him. Very visual with his writing. Thank you for sharing your experience

Princess Bailey

Things in this book remind me of growing up back home. Crab season is one , and like Robinson my mother was around but my grandma (mama) was the one to grow 7 of us grand kids. I was also very young when mama pass away and every time I thought of her my heart breaks still missing her to this day some thirty something years later. Loving the book very inspirational.