Random Shootings

A Novel

Fiction - Drama
214 Pages
Reviewed on 10/03/2014
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Author Biography

Frank Drury spent the early years of his career as a struggling screenwriter in Los Angeles before moving to New York, where he found some success in the high risk world of futures trading. This is where he gained the inspiration for his first novel, AN EMPTY SKY, which is available in paperback, or as an ebook, through Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com. His second novel, A DREAM AWAY,is currently available in paperback or as an ebook. His third novel, COLORED FLOODLIGHTS, was released in May of 2012 and received a 4-star review from Readers Favorite who called it a "A recommended read for the thoughtful!" Midwest Book Review says "Colored Floodlights explores the mind of the veteran and the lost generation, a read well worth considering for those seeking contemporary literary fiction." His latest novel, RANDOM SHOOTINGS, is now available on Kindle and the print version of this new book will be released in November. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and daughters, where he continues to write fiction. To read reviews and excerpts from his new novel, or from any of his earlier books, please visit http://frankdrury.blogspot.com/

    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Random Shootings is a contemporary fiction novel written by Frank Drury. John, a newspaper reporter, and his wife, Diana, were living in Jacksonville, Florida, until one evening when John almost got involved in a sexual situation with his neighbor, Diana. When her husband, Cliff, came home unexpectedly, John left through the bedroom window. Some time later, he heard a banging at his door and he opened it to a very angry Cliff who found John’s wallet which he’d left in the panic. Cliff assaults John, who loses consciousness. He wakes up in the bedroom with his angry neighbor looming over him and his wife. John reaches in the night table for his gun and, almost without realizing it, shoots Cliff twice in the chest, killing him.

Frank Drury’s contemporary fiction novel, Random Shootings, is a provocative look at the gun culture and the impact of 'castle defense' and 'stand your ground' legislation in the United States. Throughout the story, the author presents a number of stressful situations where lives are placed at risk or lost, simply because one or more of the participants had been carrying a gun. Cliff’s death is something John has to live with every day, no matter what the justification or the fact that Cliff had been abusing his son and wife, and even if he did not have to go through the courts, his life was changed. Random Shootings is chilling and feels all too real when you consider the number of deaths due to guns that occur each day. Drury's thoughtful and well-written work infuses real life to those statistics and brings home the realities of random gun violence quite clearly. Random Shootings is recommended reading.