Realm of Wolves

Child of Prophecy I (Volume 1)

Young Adult - Sci-Fi
242 Pages
Reviewed on 08/17/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Realm of Wolves is the first book in the Child of Prophecy series by Thomas Parrott, a story that, in the tradition of the Athenian tragedy by Sophocles, Oedipus Rex, features a king over whose head hangs a deadly prophecy: his life and kingdom would be ravaged by one of his offspring, unknown to him. For a man of King De'mortuis’ might, such a prophecy would not come to pass. No, he won’t let anyone take away his kingdom. Would killing every child of the age of five and below help him to stop the prophecy? Then there is a queen who is so determined to take control of a planet once coveted by her domineering husband that she’ll stop at nothing. The reader is immediately plunged into a world of great conflict, high stakes, and powerful intrigue, with kingdoms standing up against each other.

Realm of Wolves is a compelling story that will have the reader hooked from the very beginning. The story starts with an intriguing prophecy to a powerful king: “A child will come to you one day,” she announced. “This child will be of your bloodline, and he will take everything you have built. He will destroy everything!” From this moment, the reader’s interest is aroused as they want to discover who this king’s child is, what the king would do, and if indeed the prophecy will come to pass. This is a book with compelling and interesting characters, including witches, kings and queens, a shape-shifter, and other kinds of characters. The characters are well-developed and readers can easily relate to them. The setting comes across in the narrative vividly and the entire story is deftly plotted and balanced. Thomas Parrott is a great entertainer, weaving a fantasy that will delight readers through every single page.

Christian Sia

Can destiny be avoided by cunning? Can the burly king De’mortuis, King of Camden, a man with the strength of a hundred oxen outwit the words of a witch spoken in prophecy? The Realm of Wolves by Mr Thomas C Parrott is a captivating opening to The Child of Prophecy series, a story that begins with an ominous prophecy announced to the powerful king of Camden, a prophecy that foretells the coming of a child who could destroy everything the king has built, a child of his blood. The king’s reaction is immediate and dramatic, addressing his general with a command that will alter the history of his kingdom and many lives in the years to come in dire ways: “General Wolff, I want all children who are the age of five and younger killed. I want no child alive! Do you understand?” It’s for the reader to follow the genesis of the war that will rip this kingdom apart and create desperate times.

Thomas C Parrott creates an exciting world that readers will want to navigate, the kind of world one encounters in epic fantasy tales with powerful kingdoms poised against each other. The setting is captured in excellent images, portraying a culture that is unique and of an era when might was greater than democracy. It is interesting to read about characters like Alexander, King Montrealis, and Princess Elizabeth, characters that are compelling and well-explored. The action is intense and pulsating and readers are absorbed into the world of intrigue and never-ending bickering between monarchs. For a debut, The Realm of Wolves is a great read, well-plotted and accomplished with a style that is original, and in a language that is peculiar to and that captures the spirit of the world in which the story is set.