Rogue Justice

Fiction - Thriller - General
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Reviewed on 07/25/2021
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Author Biography

The theme of my book was never in doubt. How many times have you heard a news report of the bad guy thumbing his nose at the criminal justice system? He gets to walk or is given a grossly disproportionate time behind bars given the crime committed. The answer invariably lies in the description of what law and order amount to. It is a criminal justice system when it should be about the victim. When did society start believing a criminal’s rehabilitation was more important than the rights of the victim? In my book, this topsy-turvey notion is spun back around and put the right way up. I have tilted the Scales of Justice in favour of the victims, where they ought to be. The victims are given a voice. They are heard loud and clear. Now, to make things interesting…
Simply dispatching the criminal element in gratuitous displays of violence might have sounded like a good idea to begin with, but what would be the point if there was not a reason why? The backstory and reasons behind the murders needed to be interwoven throughout my narration. And what is a fictional account of writing a crime thriller if you cannot have some fun with it?

    Book Review

Reviewed by Grace Masso for Readers' Favorite

Rogue Justice by Ben Nicholls is a crime thriller with strong characters and a plot that is serpentine, filled with surprises and suspense. Someone has decided to take justice into their own hands and to go after criminals who are seemingly untouchable. The victims are subjected to cruel treatment before being killed. Detectives Englund and Hicks are working the case, and they are unable to establish a motive for the killings. The situation becomes even more complicated with the kidnapping of a small girl, an act that hits right home for Englund. With tension rising in the close-knit community, the stakes grow higher. Can the two detectives catch the killer before another victim falls prey to the elusive criminal who is meting out his own kind of justice on individuals?

This is a well-plotted story with fascinating characters and a setting that is well-constructed. Author Ben Nicholls writes skillfully about a vigilante form of justice and creates an antagonist who reflects the frustrations of the ordinary men and women who are unable to experience justice because of the system. The scenes are well-crafted and readers will enjoy the mind games the killer plays with characters before killing them. The case of Helen, after her husband is murdered, is exemplary. The victims quickly understand that the outcome of the game doesn’t change, no matter how well they bargain or how innocent they claim to be. At times, it is psychologically disturbing as readers navigate the mindscape of a serial killer. Hicks and Englund are likable characters, and I enjoyed the banter between them and how they complemented one another. There is something mysterious about Hicks that kept me rooting for him. Overall, Rogue Justice is a deftly plotted, intelligently accomplished novel that is as fast-paced as it is gripping.

K.C. Finn

Rogue Justice is a work of fiction in the thriller genre. It is aimed at older readers and was penned by Ben Nicholls. The book follows the investigation of a vigilante serial killer who has taken justice into their own hands within a small community. On the trail are Englund and Hicks, two detectives who are forced to consider their own feelings about the killer's modus operandi when a young girl is kidnapped. With the town a powder keg ready to explode if order is not restored soon, Englund and Hicks are forced to put their lives on the line to catch one killer and rescue the missing girl before it’s too late.

This is definitely a book for readers of mysteries and thrillers who prefer darker and more dangerous tales. The author is not afraid to depict the grotesque horror that victims of abduction and murder are faced with. I found Englund to be a fascinating lead character with his own values and ideals being placed under scrutiny by the dangerous reality of the challenges he must overcome in order to do the job. Stories focusing on vigilante killers always have a moral tightrope to walk in exploring the concept of justice, but Ben Nicholls’ considered prose and explosive story do enormous justice to the high concept.

The tension throughout the story is palpable, and the ambiguous nature of the danger the town faces, both from the killer in their midst to the possibility of mob justice for the missing girl, ensures that even the moments of respite that characters have between moments of high tension and drama never allow the story to become static. Rogue Justice is an excellent addition to the mystery and thriller genres with a lot to say and an explosive storyline in which to say it. I would recommend this book to any mature reader.

Romuald Dzemo

Rogue Justice by Ben Nicholls is a top-rate crime thriller that explores the intricate nature of justice and gets readers thinking about these questions: Can there really be justice? Can people be held accountable for their choices and what happens when they choose to be part of the effect of the choices of other people by becoming enablers? While this novel entertains readers through the deft plotting, it raises questions that excite the mind and trouble it at the same time. An individual comes to the point where he believes those who should be punished for their crimes go free. He thinks the system is broken and corrupt, and he goes out to set things right, meting out his own form of justice and in the most brutal way imaginable. As bodies pile up, Detectives Englund and Hicks follow the trail, tracking down the killer. Catching the killer has been their prime objective, but the game changes with the kidnapping of Englund’s child. Who is behind all the happenings and why?

The plot is thick, twisty, and gripping. I enjoyed the sense of mystery written into the story, and the characters are exceptionally developed. Englund and his partner are a mystifying pair and readers will enjoy the way they complement each other. Hicks is the kind of character who looks the same no matter the circumstances, and his calm, emotionless manner contrasts with Englund’s impatience. The shadowy and elusive killer will intrigue readers as they watch the killer take out victims. The mystery deepens with the style of killing, which at times leaves the victims clueless about what is happening. The setting is a close-knit community that is intelligently written. The suspense is persistent as the reader wants to understand why someone can go on killing people with no apparent reason, but as the story moves forward, a lot of questions are answered and more riddles are woven into the plot. From minor characters like Drake to the killer and the detectives, the author does an impeccable job, writing characteristics that have readers intrigued as they follow these characters. Rogue Justice is voluminous, but it is a breezy read; a fast-paced, action-packed thriller that is as mind-boggling as it is riveting.

Rabia Tanveer

Rogue Justice by Ben Nicholls is a hair-raising thriller that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Detective Dan Englund is not the most popular among his peers, but he is respected in the community. Englund knows his job isn’t the easiest in the world, but someone has to do it. However, nothing could have prepared him for the next case. A deranged killer is on the loose, killing people in the most gruesome manner. There doesn’t seem to be a motive behind any of the murders. Detective Englund pairs up with Detective Hicks to find the killer and bring an end to his reign of terror. However, the killer is smarter than they expected. Before they know it, things escalate, and Englund becomes a target as well. Can they catch the killer before it is too late? Or are they destined to be one of the victims of this senseless murderer?

It has been a long time since I have read a genuine thriller and not some whodunnit story. Ben Nicholls creates believable scenarios, develops genuine characters, and gives readers the thrills they seek in his narrative. It is an immersive story, one that will force you to finish it in a single sitting and forget about your responsibilities. I love how the author gives little hints and clues to readers. Ben Nicholls teases readers with consistent action and a fast pace to make them lose themselves in Rogue Justice. I enjoyed Englund’s character the most. He understands the gravity of the situation yet he never lets it get the better of him. He gives just as much as he takes, and that makes him my absolute favorite character. He and Hicks made a great team, and I hope the author has more in store for them. Phenomenal!

Anne-Marie Reynolds

Rogue Justice by Ben Nicholls takes us on a rollercoaster journey of criminal justice. Someone isn’t happy with the system and has decided that something must be done to stop criminals from getting away with murder. He decides it's time for these people to pay for their crimes and takes it into his hands to dish out the retribution. Unimaginable cruelty follows twisted games and brutality that get worse, and it's down to two detectives to track him down before he takes things any further. Hicks and Englund go on the hunt for a murderer who, in their eyes, doesn’t appear to have a motive, but things are about to move up a notch. A pedophile has been released from prison and a young girl is kidnapped. For Englund and Hicks, the race is on to find the killer before the locals do it for them. The investigation forces Englund to question the real meaning of justice as the detectives race against time to stop the bodies piling up.

Rogue Justice by Ben Nicholls is a cracking combination of thrills and terror as a killer goes on a rampage, hoping to make criminals pay for their crimes when the justice system has failed. Right from the start, this will drag you in with its descriptive story-telling as the plot unfolds. The characters are excellent, all well-defined with real flaws and stories that allow you to get to know them. This isn’t a short book but it’s the right length for the amount of detail needed for the plot, the right length to allow you time to get into it and learn everything you need to know before it ends. Nothing is rushed, the descriptions are perfect, and the dialog is easy to follow. There is some graphic violence and swearing so it isn’t ideal for a younger audience. For fans of thrillers, this is the perfect story to lose yourself in for several hours.