Single and Saved

Single and Saved

Christian - Romance - Contemporary
202 Pages
Reviewed on 08/31/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite

The way that life is today, there is so much temptation, especially if you are a single Christian. As a single believer, it is so hard not to get caught up in the world’s system. As it says in the scriptures, we are believers living in the world, but must not be of the world, which means that even though we are living in today’s culture, we are not to practice and accept things that are outside of and contrary to what God says in the Word. In Single and Saved by Raykel Tolson, you will walk through the life of Ty Samuels, an attractive, focused family law attorney struggling with the various aspects of being single and saved in today’s world. Her friend and colleague, Larry, a criminal lawyer, invited her to attend the Lighthouse Singles Ministry meeting to better understand how to navigate through her Christian walk and have a support system as a single woman. The sessions are not only engaging, they are informative as to her needs until one day she gets a jolt when she encounters a tall, breathtaking drink of water, Slam. Samuel ‘Slam’ Allen is a starting point guard for the Central Florida Lightning. When the two met, shook hands and locked eyes one day at a charity golf tournament, her life would never be the same. Will she be able to maintain her morals and keep her wits about her, or will she take a drink and compromise all that she believes in?

I enjoyed this book from the first page and it kept me engaged all the way until the end. I can relate with Ty because it can be extremely difficult to want to do one thing, but the Word says that you must do it another way. Following in the steps that God has ordered can be challenging, especially by living in this world, but if you continue your covenant relationship with Him, He will not only guide you through it, but will make the provisions necessary along the way. One thing that I noticed is that, as in Ty’s case, whenever you are walking along in faith, temptation that can trip you up the most easily comes along subtly. If you are a believer, this book will motivate, encourage and empower your life. Add this book to your library; you won’t regret it.