Snowy Lodin

Children - Adventure
36 Pages
Reviewed on 03/05/2017
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Author Biography

After retiring from a career as commercial artist my three young adult children encouraged me to bring a dream of mine to life: combining years of storytelling with my art, through writing and illustrating Children's Picture Books.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite

Snowy Lodin is a children’s book, written and illustrated by Joan Dee Wilson. As the seasons grow colder in the north, the animals migrate south to find shelter and food in abundance. The last animals remaining – the caribou and the snowy owls – soon find themselves alone. As the owls start to head south, one decides to stay behind to investigate the location of Father North, whilst finding answers to questions he has had for so very long. Where do fish go when the waters freeze? Where does the sun go when it becomes dark? Snowy Lodin does some research of his own, inevitably learning the hard way that some puzzles are better left unsolved.

This wonderful children’s tale about truth and consequences is cautiously delightful. So little is known about many of the animals in the Arctic region, but their key to survival is in sticking together. When curiosity becomes overwhelming for one particular snowy owl, he breaks all of the rules, determined to get answers, which almost costs him his life. So many unknown, deadly predators prove to be a real threat, and with food sources and water nearly depleted, the owl almost perishes after deciding not to heed the warnings given by his species. Joan Dee Wilson has easily conveyed the reasons why each of the species moves to the warmth of the southern states, not only narrating an amazing story, but also educating the reader in the process. I thoroughly enjoyed Snowy Lodin, and recommend it to all younger readers, in order to expand their knowledge of certain Arctic breeds and behaviors.

Coleen (The Book Ramblings)

Snowy Lodin was such a wonderful story, and I enjoyed reading it to my niece. She loved it, and had me read it to her multiple times. The story is well-written, and perfect for letting young readers follow along. The artwork is vivid and beautiful, and my niece and I took our time reading and then looking through to appreciate the artwork because it is some of the best I've seen when it comes to children's books.

Kristen Van Kampen

Snowy Lodin by Joan Dee Wilson is a fun children's book that follows a young owl named Lodin. Lodin isn't like other owls, he doesn't want to migrate south for the winter. Instead, he wants to find Father North who could answer his questions. All the other owls tell Lodin that he should go with them, that Father North isn't real, and that he could die of starvation if he stays in the North Pole, but Lodin refuses to be deterred. He remains behind, while all the other snowy owls fly away. But Lodin soon realizes that the North Pole is dangerous in the winter. Will Lodin ever find Father North, and more importantly, will he survive?

I really enjoyed Snowy Lodin by Joan Dee Wilson. Lodin is a very likeable and inspiring character, as he is curious and brave. Although there are many owls in the story, they all have different personalities, like a bossy one and another one that is loud. The pictures, illustrated by Joan Dee Wilson, are very well drawn and depict the scenes very well. The pictures are colourful and look realistic. Snowy Lodin has a lot of action scenes, like one where Lodin gets attacked by a fox, that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. The book is well researched because it mentions what owls eat, and what eats owls. The book is realistic, but also has a touch of fantasy. I recommend Snowy Lodin by Joan Dee Wilson.